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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Fourth, Seattle

Planning for trips and the big party proceed apace. The tomatoes and cucumbers are growing in the heady summer sun. Watching fireworks was pleasant, if a bit interrupted by hyper 3 years olds, but that’s what you get with a family late night holiday. We’re flying out to Santa Cruz next weekend, and we have made an actual decision as to where we’re going for a few days after our wedding (ps. the catskills). So I guess this is all winning. But now! After spending out time in Olympic National Park, we headed back to Seattle and spent some time with friends before concluding our trip. Continuing from our backpacking trip, after we packed up and headed out, we started our drive back to the city…

bunnies getting some religion at Theo Chocolate


WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Third, Backpacking

Summer has come waltzing in, and it seems to be a pretty hot week here. I like it. My plants are growing well – the tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers are all flowering. It’s getting pretty close to wedding season, and between that and the house, we haven’t managed to go out and do all that much so far this season (though we did manage to make it out to Corbett’s Glen Nature Park for an hour or two today. Hooray!). We’ve stained and sealed some borrowed patio furniture, which is kind of like going camping, except entirely different. So let’s keep on talking about doing some camping in Washington 🙂 After some travel and photo interlude, we set on out up the Quinault River…

Pony rides at the Pony Bridge

Let’s go backpacking!

WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Second, a Photographic Interlude

Not so much going on of late – we put in a raised bed and I put out my seedlings. Good times, but not quite as exciting as being in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula 🙂 So…where were we? After our first couple of days and having dinner in Forks, well…we set off to the next part of our trip. More beaches and more trees – yay! (This post is rather photo heavier than normal – just too many for me to pick from, too many I loved. Apologies!)

I think perhaps my favorite photo from the whole trip.

Onwards, friends

WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the First

Well, it’s still May, so if I get this out soon, I’ll still be on track to post at least once a month, though still so very far short of my desire to try and catch up with at least a post a week. Oh well. We’ve moved into our new house, and I went to California, and the weather turned amazing, which basically means we’ve been mowing the lawn. And I’ve been luxuriating in the fact that the outside has not been trying to cause me to suffer, which is really rather refreshing.

Anyway, however, let me travel briefly back in time…about three years, actually. This trip included my birthday in the Washington rain forest (next post), which was all in all not a bad place for it.

Headlands just south of Cape Flattery. We just watched for a while.

Let me set off on a trip…

Road Trip – Part the Last, June 2010

After the many adventures on the way up, I did finally make it up to Seattle. I spent a couple of days there, and then a couple more, adding time in for repairing the car, but it was a good chance to see friends.

I would sure hope so

Last pieces

Driving from Seattle to Los Angeles, May 30 – June 1, 2008

Well, having just returned from a two week roadtrip, it’s time to come back and start writing up other trips from two years ago 🙂 And here we have a two day road trip from Seattle to LA, driving with Amittai as he headed down for his summer internship. Needless to say, this ended up being fairly amusing. (this is as mentioned in the prior post, but I’m amused at some of the photos).




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