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Alaska, The Kayaking Portion – August 2012

Well then! Winter here, several years in the future. The snow all melted in a quick 2.5 day burst of 55 degree weather, but last night dumped another foot back – at least all the ice melted out of the gutters. Small things.

But I left off in Alaska, where we had arrived down in Seward, and were about to set off on the kayaking portion of our trip…

Kayaking in a very big outdoors



Look! It’s a glacial valley….purty.

My whole family went on a cruise to the southwest bit of Alaska from Aug 26 – Sep 2, 2007. We departed from and returned to Seattle, WA.
While I have to admit that a cruise wouldn’t have been my first choice of how to see Alaska for the first time, it was actually kind of cool. Though I did hear one person refer to it as a “tasting sampler” and I kind of have to agree. I want to have a chance to get back and explore the things I saw. And this was only the tiny little bit in the southeast, we didn’t even get to “mainland” Alaska at all!

In brief, there was gorgeous scenery, I won a couple hundred dollars at the slots in the casino, thus extending my “winning streak” to two occasions, I had a great massage, I ate too much food, my family totally cleaned up at trivia (I think I was the only one who was playing of all the teams who knew that the chemical symbol Ac came first alphabetically….anyway). and did I mention the scenery was fabulous and I need to go back?

Anyway, I digress. So let’s begin.

Beginning / Glacier Bay / Juneau, Icefield, Mendenhall Glacier / Sitka and Sitka NHP / Ketchikan / Victoria, Seattle, and home!


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