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California – May 2013

My notes, again, from these couple of years are pretty shady, but this is what I have…

 May 2013, Eisenbud Wedding / San Francisco - greg K + pia,
 dinner with chris and jq, drive up to stanford, hang out
 with jenny, drive up to city, get to langton, hang a bit,
 dinner with danny and ryan, uber back, friday work, lunch
 with iris, hang out, meet up with katie, finally meet
 shannon, back to langton, iris shows me 32, hang out ,
 dinner with liana, drinks with iris and dave, head into
 berkeley with iris/dave, get bagels, go to tilden, head to
 ethan and elisa's, hang a bit, shower, head to eisenbud
 bbq.  hang out, come back, meet up for ramen/drinks, then
 go to danny's party.  hang out, meet jean r, go home. have
 breakfast with elisa, go to kate's brunch; brenda and nim
 and others are there, picked up ingolia, went to wedding,
 went back to ethan and elisa's.  met liz h at wedding.

Whew. Sounds like quite the mad rush of a weekend, doesn’t it? Looking over my images, have pictures from some of this, but not a whole lot of the rest. Alas and alack. I never want too many photos (too hard to ever come back and really look at them again), but then when you do come back, the holes are sadly apparent.

We can at least look at a few photos

Weekend in Niagara, October 20-21, 2012

So, somewhat hilari-fully, the below paragraph is the entirety of what I wrote (or at least that I can found) about a weekend trip I took to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada with my parents a few months after I moved to Rochester:

“My parents came out to visit for a few days a couple of months after we’d moved out to Rochester. They actually picked the last nice weekend of the year, so I suppose I have them to thank for bringing the nice weather! During their trip out, I went with them for a quick weekend over to Niagara Falls, and Niagara-on-the-Lake.” Click for the pics yo

WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Fourth, Seattle

Planning for trips and the big party proceed apace. The tomatoes and cucumbers are growing in the heady summer sun. Watching fireworks was pleasant, if a bit interrupted by hyper 3 years olds, but that’s what you get with a family late night holiday. We’re flying out to Santa Cruz next weekend, and we have made an actual decision as to where we’re going for a few days after our wedding (ps. the catskills). So I guess this is all winning. But now! After spending out time in Olympic National Park, we headed back to Seattle and spent some time with friends before concluding our trip. Continuing from our backpacking trip, after we packed up and headed out, we started our drive back to the city…

bunnies getting some religion at Theo Chocolate


Boston – February 13-20, 2011

Oh golly gosh! I’m slightly less than three years behind with this post! So many small glimpses into the recent past…at least for me, and any of you suffering along through it. What’s going on this week in regular life? Well, we’ve started house hunting. Crazy right? Anyway, back to Boston…well, let’s come in and take a look, yes? Working for Nokia has let me have this recent sort of quarterly time lapse view of life into Boston, which is kind of wonderful, if a little nostalgia making at the same time. Not quite tourist, not quite home, and not quite just-business-trip either, these trips end up just being…busy. This was the next trip after, well, the prior trip.

Just some various pics and talking. Slice of life.

Road Trip – Part the Third, June 2010

In the first parts of my trip, I left Los Angeles and wound my way north through California, from the Bay Area, up to Lassen Volcanic Park , and then north to Lava Beds National Monument. From there we headed north into Oregon, heading to Crater Lake National Park. After that , Jen had to head back home, and after a farewell at the Klamath Falls Airport, I headed west, continued up the Oregon coastline, and eventually made my way to Portland.

Newport Bridge – one of the many excellent bridges along the coast

Onwards to northerner places


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