California – May 2013

My notes, again, from these couple of years are pretty shady, but this is what I have…

 May 2013, Eisenbud Wedding / San Francisco - greg K + pia,
 dinner with chris and jq, drive up to stanford, hang out
 with jenny, drive up to city, get to langton, hang a bit,
 dinner with danny and ryan, uber back, friday work, lunch
 with iris, hang out, meet up with katie, finally meet
 shannon, back to langton, iris shows me 32, hang out ,
 dinner with liana, drinks with iris and dave, head into
 berkeley with iris/dave, get bagels, go to tilden, head to
 ethan and elisa's, hang a bit, shower, head to eisenbud
 bbq.  hang out, come back, meet up for ramen/drinks, then
 go to danny's party.  hang out, meet jean r, go home. have
 breakfast with elisa, go to kate's brunch; brenda and nim
 and others are there, picked up ingolia, went to wedding,
 went back to ethan and elisa's.  met liz h at wedding.

Whew. Sounds like quite the mad rush of a weekend, doesn’t it? Looking over my images, have pictures from some of this, but not a whole lot of the rest. Alas and alack. I never want too many photos (too hard to ever come back and really look at them again), but then when you do come back, the holes are sadly apparent.

I went to Stanford
I walked around with Dave and Iris
Look at these beautiful people in the past
Why do my friends do these things?
There was a treehouse
These people got very married. Good job!

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