Driving from Seattle to Los Angeles, May 30 – June 1, 2008

Well, having just returned from a two week roadtrip, it’s time to come back and start writing up other trips from two years ago 🙂 And here we have a two day road trip from Seattle to LA, driving with Amittai as he headed down for his summer internship. Needless to say, this ended up being fairly amusing. (this is as mentioned in the prior post, but I’m amused at some of the photos).


I flew up to Seattle on May 30, and Amittai picked me up at the airport. We went back to his place, and he finished packing, and managing, to my being very deeply impressed, to pack ~all his stuff into his car. At some point in the afternoon, everything was ready, and we headed on out!

Gotta get everything set!

Stuck in traffic on the way south, we witnessed what I could only assume to be the imminent destruction of the space needle. Oh my!

Um. Ok. Care to guess what side they packed the vehicle from? Or how much we should all trust their knot tying abilities??

Anyway, I started fading reasonably early, but we managed to make it to Grants Pass towards the southern end of Oregon, and found a motel in which to crash for the evening. The next morning we managed to find some coffee at a Starbucks in a supermarket (or something?) and continued on our merry way. As I relearned this last week, the exit number upon entering California on I-5 is 786 or something absurd. California is huge. (Ok, I-10 through Texas is longer. I just checked.)

Somewhere before that, we stopped briefly for a view of Mt St Helens, and shortly *after* crossing the border, we stopped at a viewpoint for Mt Shasta. We couldn’t really see Shasta too well, but it was good to take a break, and we took some photos anyway. We then continued on our way, and when I-5 approaches the town of Weed (heh. Indeed. They make money off this joke. Also ‘Weed like to welcome you!’), it goes right by the base of Mt Shasta (Unlike Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Mt Hood, etc, which are all clearly visible, but not quite so…present)

Ok, I had this one up before, but…so big!

We then made it to Berkeley, and stayed with our lovely hosts Jen and Nick (after socializing with some other people for the evening) and in the morning, they suggested we go have breakfast at a place right near them called Fat Apples. We meandered out for a bit, and didn’t quite see it, so I suggested that we just go across the street to this “fuh-tapa-lees” place. At which point, the two words being printed right next to each other notwithstanding, I did a face smack, felt stupid, and we went on in, and had a pleasant breakfast, and listened to some overbearing young man explain how his recent JDate just hadn’t been up to snuff. Hee.

We then proceeded to drive down to LA, passing such entertainments as the above shown grill. I know lots of people take them out for their summer adventuring, but that one amused me vastly. The hills that year were already golden and drowsy in the summer, as we made it into Los Angeles.

warm and dry

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