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Hither and Yon around Washington, DC, Part I (May 2008)

Apparently actually showing him in the chair took a bit of doing.

I went to go hang out with Jenny and see some people on a quick trip to Washington, DC from May 15-18 2008. It was all in all a pretty awesome time. I walked for a fair bit along the National Mall, from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, and then back via the Roosevelt and Jefferson Memorials. Clint also gave me the “standard” I guess tour of the Senate, which also involved a fair bit of walking. The Senate was actually in session, so I got to stare down at little people in their little box. The House only had a few people in the chamber so was much less amusing.

The next day I went out to visit Arlington Cemetery, and then met up with Jenny in Georgetown, after which we went to the Kennedy Center to see the free music there. The following day we went out to Antietam National Battlefield and also a brief sojourn to Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. It was quite the nice drive out and back, and I absolutely got my NPS fix in. Yay!

On my last day there, I ran around doing the Post Hunt with Roger, Jen (different one!) and Clint. That was actually quite a bit of fun!

Senate and Arlington + misc photos and some further discussion after the cut


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