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couple of days

yesterday, went sailing again with jenny. dwight suggested she take out the new tech dinghy, so we got the shiny boat, that also handled a little funny. i also got a boathouse card. i *am* a winner. of course, i’m only rated to swim. but whatever.

yesterday and today were karate. smallish classes; a lot of people are out of town. no class on saturday, as the z center is closed for the holiday weekend. banks sensei is the only one of the senseis around, so class has a slightly different timbre. a good one. also ran a bit before class today (treadmill, didn’t feel quite up to braving the mid-afternoon sun). i’m in pisspoor running shape, will have to do more of that. did ~1.5 miles, in about 18 minutes. i would like to be able to get up to 3 miles or so, at least at a 12 minute mile, and work up speed from there.

a bit more rare

friday in brief, was gorgeous. i biked 12-13 miles, i think. out with yak to the minuteman, and a couple miles down it, then i turned back. i chose to come back along the new fresh pond bit of bike path, which was exceedingly nice. later went sailing a bit. the person before us had messed up one of the knots in the ropes attaching the boat, so we had to wait a bit for people with pliers (!) to come and undo it. but then out on the water, nice and relaxed….

today, karate. matt basically sat me down and told me what i have been saying, that i need to keep just a bit more control, in light of the upcoming tournament. so, i have this huge bruise. (of which i may post a photo later, just for posterity). but apparently, when sparring with dimitri, i ran into a kick of his hard enough to fracture one of his toes 🙁 🙁 🙁 major suck. i certainly didn’t mean too, and dammit! since i had to wear pads, he should have as well. both with no pads, or both with pads, but the dynamic of mixed sparring is just wrong. and, and, and, yeah.

but after class today i stayed to watch a sho-dan testing for american jiu-jitsu, which was testing 3 people, including ken clary. well, not testing, a promotional, but grueling either way. really really neat to watch. i could see aspects of both the karate and the aikido i know, with whole lots of other stuff as well. and there were even some funny bits! when someone is trying to mug you, one of the things you want to do is sort of back away and talk them up and make them think you are harmless before you go for it. watching this is simulation is fairly entertaining. one of the sets had them being “attacked” twice in a fairly small period of time, and one of the guys was all “hey, dude, back off, didn’t you just attack me 2 seconds ago…?”

anyway, was all good.


last thursday i went with the late night sailing crowd (jenny hu convinced me to go….) and got hit in the face with the boom as i was getting into the boat. “ouch”. fortunately, the bruise and the cut are healing up nicely….

friday i did in fact go to aikido before descending into the ethanol induced haze of the rest of the evening…

the aikido class was a lot of fun, it was much smaller, one brown belt, three blue belts, and me. we did a lot of stuff in rondori (sp?) style, which means one person in the center, and other people around them in a circle, taking turns at being the uke. for the first time, i feel like i finally got a grip on a couple of throws.

saturday i failed to go to karate, due to still having, um, “illness” problems from the night before, getting over them, and waking up like 10 minutes before class and deciding discretion was the better part of valor.

sunday walked out to esplanade and picnicked with everyone. i blew bubbles.

monday jenny hu started teaching me to juggle pins. i have always been hopeless at juggling, but i was getting up to being decent with two, although not quite up to multiple tosses. i will have to practice more! and then in the evening, karate and aikido. both fun, more or less normal. i guess in aikido we were doing a lot more ki type stuff. one of these involved basically pushing at the shoulder of someone and trying to move them (and them not trying to move). the black belt i was working with kept exhorting me to push harder, but i *was*, and she thought i was going easy on her or something. *blush* i feel weak; i should go work out or something. karate was about normal, good fun. susan born was there!

annabarr: Laura's Picnic - May 18, 2003 &emdash; people

Edited 11/22/2013 – People at the picnic! so many peoples.


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