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Flagstaff, Arizona – January 2012

I keep promising myself I’ll get at least a post a month, and then the end of the month rolls around, and I feel pressured..hey, at least it keeps me going. I realize I’m now most of 3.5 years behind (let’s call it “throwback thursday” forever, not that I post on Thursdays, or any given day), but the last year or two has really had very little that will be postable, so I still swear I’ll catch up someday…

Anyway, winter turned to spring turned to almost freaking summer instantly, and then today dropped 40 degrees. Thanks, weather. It’s still terrifyingly green around here. I guess we get green, or white, with a brief splash of fall color, and little more. No big things happening, no big things coming up, though I *will* be going backpacking in California in August – hooray! That said, in January 2012, Nathan and I went out to Arizona for a few days…

But which way should we *go* ??

Flagstaff and Grand Canyon, January 2012

California, Google, Skiing squaw, April 4-10, 2011

Winter seems to maybe, kind of, be slowly abating. Next weekend I’m headed down to the city to see some family; here’s hoping that after I make it back we’ll be into the full swing of spring. One can hope. Anyway – here is some discussion of a trip I took around California a few years back (Kate! If you’re reading this, this is from April *2011*. Don’t get confused now). I headed up to the Bay Area for some job interview action, checked out the Google campus, saw some friends, then went out for a ski weekend in Tahoe with Jen and Nathan – and we met up with Joe and his brother August while we there. In that year, Squaw had had 450″ of snow at the base of the mountain by April, and 700″ at the summit. Ye gads.

Have some Android releases

So, some things I did

Mammoth – March 2011

Well, this would be, you know, a weekend ski trip with some people – it’s really never a bad time to go up to the Eastern Sierra. Definitely a fun weekend. I went cross country skiing in Mammoth, downhill skiing at June Lake, and got over to stare at the tufa at Mono Lake twice in one weekend. Outstanding!

General view across the way in June Lake – Carson Peak


Mt. Baldy – February 27, 2011

Today we had a housing inspection. That’s one step closer to buying a house, I imagine? Anyway, there was plenty of snow there, so, it’s time to talk about snow, right?

Nathan and Jason were going skiing at Mt Baldy, and I decided I wanted to go outside as well! So I took the opportunity to go with them, but to try out snowshoeing up in that area. I rented some snowshoes the day before, and that morning we drove out to the mountain. It was really quite lovely, with a lot of snow decorating all the area. We were able to park fairly close to the ski area, and then took the lift up. I’d never been up the Baldy lift, so that was kind of cool in and of itself. It was a pretty long ride up, and it was fairly cold, but there were some great views, and it was really spectacularly clear and beautiful up top.

annabarr: Mt. Baldy - February 27, 2011 &emdash; welcome
Welcome to Mt. Baldy

Messing about

Lake Tahoe – Feb 8-11, 2007

Jen took charge! And had a ski weekend up in Lake Tahoe from February 8 to 11, 2007. It was super fun, and she did a wonderful job. And I got to go snowshoeing for the first time ever!

go geoff

So there we all were….

last weekend i went skiing (up in tahoe) for what is the the second time ever. the first being when i was 12.

i took a lesson. it was great. then i took some green slopes (this was at heavenly) and fell most times, but didn’t die that much.

we went to kirkwood the next day, and i hit every green there and didn’t fall on any of them.

i am winn0r, hear me roar!

things learned:

if you feel like you are going too fast, you probably are.

no, really, don’t look down at your feet.

Edited to add:

annabarr: Tahoe Ski Trip - April 2-4, 2004 &emdash; lounging
Getting ready at Heavenly parking lot

annabarr: Tahoe Ski Trip - April 2-4, 2004 &emdash; cabin

annabarr: Tahoe Ski Trip - April 2-4, 2004 &emdash; picture-perfect
Nice day at Kirkwood


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