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went to tang soo do. interesting. weird to go to a korean instead of japanese style.

also, they were all “ah, so you did karate for 2+ years? we’ll make this much more difficult than it would be for a normal person at their first class”. “fun”. also fun. many things were very similar (just how to get power, but many of
the kicks too, although delivered from a different stance). might even be a little closer than what i really want ( i’m seeking something *not* like isshinryu, so i don’t get everything all confused in my head). will go to a few more classes i think.

also, pasadena is even flatter than cambridge. biking in the streets is weird, but i am doing it anyway!

in little circles

running, still only treadmill. did the whole half hour though, at 12 minute miles, so , 2.5 miles.

this makes my longest nonstop run (aka slow jog) to date.

my heart still gets going pretty fast, although it recovers to a low rate very rapidly.

an hrm would be a neat thing to own.


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