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Everglades National Park, November 11, 2007.


On our Miami FnL trip, I took the opportunity to go out to Everglades National Park on November 11, 2007. Erin, Dave, Emily, Beth and Alex decided to come as well. This was really awesome overall, but was less “hiking” than “driving through the park and checking out all the nature trails.” That said, it was still pretty cool. Anyway, we came in from the east entrance to the park, and drove all the way to where that road ended, at Flamingo. To my shame, I forgot my camera, but to my utter bafflement and pleasure, Emily lent me hers.

Anhinga Trail, Gumbo-Limbo Trail / Pineland Trail / Pahayokee Overlook / Mahogany Hammock Trail / West Lake Trail and Eco Pond Trail

Biscayne National Park, November 10, 2007

Wow. Ok. Last November, a mess of us went to Miami, FL. As always, I tried to hit up National Park Service facilities, and the first of these that I noticed was really close to Miami was Biscayne National Park

This was me, Erin, Laura, Peter, Laura’s friend Sara, Cassandra, Aletta, Richard and Beth. Or at least that’s who I have photos of, and we were there on November 10, 2007.

Snorkelling at Biscayne


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