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Outdoors! w00t.

EDIT – some photos are now up. click through them for the actual albums.

Well, my server is having issues at the moment, so none of my pictures are posted, so I am just going to dump stuff from my hiking notes files. In brief, I went up a mountain with Amittai in Scotland, and I went camping (first time with no car!) with Joe. Both of these were pretty awesome trips. I also dicked around Holyrood Park with Amittai for a bit, and we went up Arthur’s Peak, but I can’t really call that a hike, even with the mile or so walk there. Nice views though. Also, “I’ve gone back to the gym”

oh man

The mountain in the middle,in the back, is the Cobbler. Loch Long is right in front of us in the view.

Ben Arthur, aka The Cobbler, Scotland, and the Sespe River


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