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Joshua Tree – Christmas Day, December 2011

How…did I not post this? Ok, so, we’re coming into the end of summer, work’s being all a thing, and hey, it’s time to get photos, blog, and everything in order, right? Right? Yeah, I buy it. So! I went looking for the next post, and I saw this title in the drafts, and realized it had never been posted so now it is horribly out of order, and I shudder with shame. Please absolve me. I realize that I likely didn’t write this up because, well, I have never had much written up for it. Long and short of it, I went out to JTree for a day, Christmas Day as a matter of fact, met up with some Caltech folk, climbed one rock, failed to climb another rock, and ate some Chinese food. All in all, an acceptable day I would say.

Joshua Tree just doesn’t look real, does it?

Shall we take a look? Let’s look at winter rocks in the desert. Just photos ; no text

went climbing again monday evening; caltech alpine club has a deal with a rock gym for one free night a month. it was good, i was sore, i suck, i need to go more! well, at least to the bouldering wall in the gym here, i don’t have enough money to really go out, and i have no gear for real rocks.

although people in the bercaw lab are getting all psyched up for climbing. perhaps i can go with some of them at some point.

hiking sunday i believe

went climbing with the caltech alpine club today.

out to point dume just south of zuma beach. fucking awesome, that you go to the beach to go rockclimbing. i sucked, as i haven’t gone in ages. only made it about halfways up (weakweakweak) but it was keen anyway. i think about a 5.7 pitch? something like that. but i got sore, and got to play in the sand and hang out with people and watch other people climbing and eat food and clamber on rocks. good times.

this was actually my first time climbing on real rock, with ropes and harness and what not. also, i learned how to belay, although i didn’t get a chance to try.

Edited to add :

annabarr: Point Dume - October 12, 2003 &emdash; climbers
Climbing at the beach!


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