Road Trip – Part the Last, June 2010

After the many adventures on the way up, I did finally make it up to Seattle. I spent a couple of days there, and then a couple more, adding time in for repairing the car, but it was a good chance to see friends.

I would sure hope so

I was a little worried about the intra-Seattle driving, but I made it successfully to Amittai and Jenny’s. That night I just kind of crashed, and the next morning I drove my car over to a repair place a bit east of the city. They checked it out, and basically confirm that it’s going to be the head gasket, and very nicely give me a loaner car, which was basically exactly the same (down to the color) of my own Subaru, but two years older. That same evening I spend some time in the house, and then went walking with amittai in the evening.

Seattle just can’t get over Kurt Cobain

The next day, from my photos, I know I watched a world cup game, and walked around a bit, and later walked around the Capital Hill area with random people to check out the pre-Gay Pride Day events. I think it was that evening we tried to go check out some club thing, only to find it was more entry than we wanted, and then came back to the area near the apartment and just had a couple of drinks. There was also some night in there where I drove out to Jim and Lea’s, and some day I walked around a bit to find some geocaches, but I really can’t recall which evening it was! Anyway, I watched the world cup game with amittai at this bar, and watched the US lose lose lose, eit, and really enjoyed a lot of the colors in the area, and then had another evening of crashing.

Gay and Prideful

The next day I went with Jenny to meet up with a couple of her friends, and we went to the Gay Pride Parade. I didn’t actually end up watching it with them, but did have a blast checking it out, and watching Grant and his samba band go past. After that, I did meet up with Jenny et al , and we all went and had some Thai food, after which I went to go meet up with Grant and Paula and some of their group at a McMenamin’s. I then went back to the apartment. That same evening, I went out with Jenny to see the Japanese Garden, where we ran into, of all people, Tom Dunn. I am not sure what happened on the 28th, other than heading over to Grant and Paula’s in the evening to spend the night there (which was great, and Amittai joined us for supper), and the next day I went to downtown Seattle, and checked out the Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Site. It was actually a really cool exhibit, with instructive stuff about how people set out from Seattle. The other part of the unit is in Skagway; perhaps I will make it out there at some point. I know I also went to go see Jenny’s work place at some point, and got a tour and everything, but I can’t recall which day that was! Anyway, the car repair place called me that afternoon, and I went over, got my car, and headed back south, probably leaving around 3 PM, with my car better than ever.

Everyone got dressed up for the parade

Everyone was very proud

And in fact the whole team got into the act

Even Grant was pretty fabulous from behind

As I was heading south, I realized I didn’t have any plans of a place to stay, and I wasn’t quite in the mood to camp again. I stopped at a WA rest stop, and called up the Starwood people, and ended up with a room in Portland for the night. It was perfectly pleasant, and I got up very early the next morning, and left before traffic would hit. I had a long drive that day, as I was heading all the way back down to the Bay Area. I also wanted to get there *after* traffic, so I stopped for a bit at the Whiskeytown Recreation Area, adding one last NPS location to my trip. I stopped in at the visitor center, then drove over the dam, and took a short walk along the shore of the lake, on the Davis Gulch hiking trail. I maybe went 2-3 miles total, and then watched people at the beach a bit. There were also a lot of Canada Geese placidly swimming there with all the people, which I found pretty amusing. I stopped at the dam site on the way back out. They have a metal object there, which commemorates JFK having inaugurated the dam shortly before his death, and if you press a button, it will play back clips of his speech. I also was amused at the “Glory Hole“, which is the overflow drain they have on the reservoir. After that, I stopped briefly at the state park just outside of the NRA , the Shasta State Historic Park, which has a bunch of historic building structures, with signs. There is a museum and some more interpretive stuff that is only open a few days of the week, and not one of the days I was there.

Coming back to California, Shasta welcomes you

This is indeed the overflow drainage pipe, the Glory Hole

As they say , children – Stay alive by staying out.

After that I drove straight through to Berkeley, and went to nim’s, where I returned the camera and crashed for the night, and then the next morning drove myself all the way back home to LA. That was some straight through driving! some last road pictures are below.

Honestly kind of terrifying on the back of a truck

A field of sunflowers

a moving
It felt like being behind the Joad family. Seriously – look at that truck

Coming home to the smog of the San Gabriel Valley

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