WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Fourth, Seattle

Planning for trips and the big party proceed apace. The tomatoes and cucumbers are growing in the heady summer sun. Watching fireworks was pleasant, if a bit interrupted by hyper 3 years olds, but that’s what you get with a family late night holiday. We’re flying out to Santa Cruz next weekend, and we have made an actual decision as to where we’re going for a few days after our wedding (ps. the catskills). So I guess this is all winning. But now! After spending out time in Olympic National Park, we headed back to Seattle and spent some time with friends before concluding our trip. Continuing from our backpacking trip, after we packed up and headed out, we started our drive back to the city…

bunnies getting some religion at Theo Chocolate

Driving back, we found ourselves passing over the muddy banks of the Wishkah. We got to Tacoma, where our motel for the night was, and after lots of playing around with our phones, we headed over to Uncle Thurm’s BBQ, and had us a couple big plates full of meat. We then went along to our seedy airport motel, and, well, crashed for the night, after calling various people in Seattle and arranging some stuff for the next day.

The next day we drove into the city and met up with kelsey and robert at the theo chocolate factory. We walked around, ate several samples, signed up for our tour, were then told we weren’t supposed to be eating samples (in order to keep our taste buds fresh), and then went on our tour. The place smelled heavenly, and it was really nice to see the processing areas. We then wandered through the Fremont sunday market for a bit, which was fun, then around and through the area, passing by the troll, and the lenin statue, before packing up and all heading along to the gas works park.

mmmm, chocolate.

bad puns make life better.

I don’t know if posing with Lenin is sincere, irony, or what.

Alex trolling us all

We played around there for a bit, and people watched, and played on large metal objects, and climbed a hill. We then continued on together for ice cream at Fainting Goat, and at that point, I broke off from the main group and headed out to Grant and Paula’s. I had a lovely dinner with them that evening, and got to meet their baby.

The next day I went to Discovery Park with Jenny, where we wandered hither and yon and enjoyed the trails in the park, and just walked and talked. I then had another evening with my lovely hosts, and then the next day Amittai came over. I hung out with him for a bit (can’t even recall if we did anything), but he got to see everyone as well, which was nice…and then I drove back to the airport and flew home. The social time was awesome, and was all pretty calm, but made a pleasingly rounded end to my trip.

annabarr: Seattle &emdash; blind-dog
pretty sure this dog was blind.

the whole team, following along

jenny, trying to look like the female side

well played, young lady!

showing off his most excellent set of skills

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