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Boston – June / July 2011

Hey now! I got married. It was a whole thing. I had fun. I hope the guests did too.
Anytoodles…let’s put up a few pics, eh? Not from the wedding, I don’t really have any yet 🙂

Just a few memories from one of my work trips to Boston, end of June 2011.

Welcome Extreme Sailing!

some pics and words

Boston – May 2011

In more immediate terms…we bought a house last week. Ayup. So far, we’ve moved some boxes and painted one wall. We’ve been trying to do more, but apparently “I’ll call on such-and-such day” is code for “haha, no I won’t” from plumbers and electricians.

Anyway! Another few months of my life, and another trip to Boston, this one in May of 2011.. I really do spend most of my time on these trips at work, and having dinner with friends, but I do love just walking around the city, and seeing various things. Also, well, you know – seeing friends is nice too 🙂

pokernight makes everyone quotable, I guess

I did some things, then I did some other things

Boston – February 13-20, 2011

Oh golly gosh! I’m slightly less than three years behind with this post! So many small glimpses into the recent past…at least for me, and any of you suffering along through it. What’s going on this week in regular life? Well, we’ve started house hunting. Crazy right? Anyway, back to Boston…well, let’s come in and take a look, yes? Working for Nokia has let me have this recent sort of quarterly time lapse view of life into Boston, which is kind of wonderful, if a little nostalgia making at the same time. Not quite tourist, not quite home, and not quite just-business-trip either, these trips end up just being…busy. This was the next trip after, well, the prior trip.

Just some various pics and talking. Slice of life.

Boston – December 2010

When I took a real position with Nokia (currently HERE), they started my habit of the last few years of heading out to Boston every few months. Most of the more recent ones, I’ve taken few to no photos, but this was my first trip out. It was actually my first trip to Boston in a few years, and I had a really good time, getting a sense of work, and getting to see a lot of friends again.

Hanging out in Maine, as you do.

A little Boston, and a little Maine

also, trains

i was reading some book the other morning, and a sentence in it just made me desperate to be outside, and even just a little bit away.

so i took the commuter rail to gloucester.

got off the train, and said “well, the ocean is this way” and walked. did in fact find the ocean, and saw some kids playing on a structure with a big “do not climb” sign painted on. then found the visitor’s center, and grabbed a couple of maps. these maps showed me where dogtown commons were, which is where there used to be some houses way back in the day (it is mentioned in the MA amc guide). it seemed like the best way to find it was to more or less follow the train tracks north. i proceeded to do so, in best patented “weaving back and forth in the streets around the tracks” way, until this method failed.

so i committed municipal trespass and walked along the train grade for a while. right at the bit where you got in by the street there was a plethora of the small alcohol bottles (airline size), like many tens, and possibly hundreds. kept walking, and noted a couple of overpasses that i didn’t feel like walking under for some reason, so i clambered up the rocks by the side of the tracks before they became a real cliff, and walked until i got to the highway. noted the presence of a large fence, went back one overpass worth of length.

walked along the road, still angling towards this dogtown area. never did (quite) find it, but did instead find the babson reservoir which is surrounded by public lands around it. walked a bit, sat and read a bit, then delved into the wooded area along one side (had i managed to walk to the other end, i would have been in dogtown).

so, i walked along the edge of the reservoir (by the way, trails are great great amazing things. i hate bushwhacking). there were some people drinking and swimming, so i ended up on a trail a little father away from the shore in an effort to avoid them (no, not certain why). anyway, where did this trail lead? right back to the traintracks right past the underpass i didn’t want to walk under.

so i walked back the traintracks back to the place where i first got on them, and then on the streets back to the commuter rail.

getting away was good.

still debating whether or not it was worth the giant screaming piles of mosquito bites my legs (and arms. and bellybutton. and forehead. why do they like me so much??) have become. i have giant swollen lumps of unpleasant sprouting out every which way.

but yeah, i think that was good.

Edited to add:

annabarr: Gloucester - August 14, 2003 &emdash; cages


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