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Geisha Coffee Cupping – September 17, 2011

Mere hours to December…I could be lazy, not post this, and count it as my December post, but I’m not going to! Because it’s so short as is. Anyway. Life continues. There will be a good bit of December travel, possibly a bit crazy making, but overall, I think it will be some good visiting time. New sofa arrived, which raises the question of what to do with the old one. We had the fairly obvious idea of putting it in another room, but it turns out it simply does not fit through any of our normal doorways. Like, really not. The downstairs main rooms have some bigger entryways, so it wasn’t an issue, but …yeah, no. Of course, being un-careful in this instance, we didn’t choose to measure the doorways until after we wrestled that thing upstairs, so now it is, ah, overfilling the landing. Nothing to see here, move along. Anyway! This intro par got longer than anticipated. Below the cut – some brief notes and a few photos of a coffee cupping we went to in September 2011!

Freshly roasted beans cooling

Mmmmmm, coffeee

Boston – December 2010

When I took a real position with Nokia (currently HERE), they started my habit of the last few years of heading out to Boston every few months. Most of the more recent ones, I’ve taken few to no photos, but this was my first trip out. It was actually my first trip to Boston in a few years, and I had a really good time, getting a sense of work, and getting to see a lot of friends again.

Hanging out in Maine, as you do.

A little Boston, and a little Maine

Getty Villa – October 10, 2010

October 2010 – Went to the Getty Villa with Nathan’s parents. I hadn’t been there all that much since elementary school (when we went many times), and then it was closed for so many years of the remodel. It was really nice to get out there that day – the drive up the hill from PCH is always a pretty awesome thing. We then enjoyed all the anitquities, and I really appreciated all the fine details. This is more a placeholder post, but I do like getting it posted. I managed to take no pictures of people I was there with this time – shame on me!

At the base of this fountain, there was a whole array of snails just kind of hanging out. I didn’t really know that snail could live that way. Craziness.

Hello, ladies! Just loitering in the courtyard that way.

This is nemesis, with one foot resting on the head of a conquered foe. Own your victories.

There were several sets of young men wandering around in matched pairs. I was entertained.

These pillars twist in opposite directions. That is just *crazy*

Moving – September 2010

I am turning to doing this small update at the beginning- why not? It’s turning into real winter. I keep forgetting that I don’t like being cold all the time. I’ve been going to PT for my elbow (golf elbow! funny to me as I’ve never played golf), and that’s getting better. I also did another interview the other night for an MIT candidate; I enjoy doing these. It’s truly a pleasure to get to talk to these really cool teens. They span a broad spectrum, but all have something interesting to offer.

Anyway! After my first year at grad school, Rax was thinking of moving out to California, and asked me if I’d like to live together. I thought that sounded like a blast, and set about finding a place. After looking at some horrifyingly soulless places, I find this one. I biked over, and loved that it was in a house, not a random complex. I liked that it was near other houses. It was pretty beat up inside, and only got more so in the six years I was there, but it certainly did have character. I lived with Rax, and Jen, and Dan, and Kalisa, and Jan, and Erin, and Glenn, and Charlie, and Veronica, and Omar, and quite possibly someone else in there. All were interesting; some were more enjoyable than others. I put my hand through a window, met several people, rebuilt some shelves, baked a lot of things, picked lemons in the backyard, enjoyed my downstairs neighbors, and never sat on the little porch enough. Come September 2010, I had graduated five months prior, had no idea where I would be going with my life, and my most recent roommate had left, and…it was time to go.

I called up the troops, and they helped me move the largest things to my mom’s place. While moving the couch (the free couch Rax and I had gone to pick up right when we moved up. Pleather, amazing, double recliner magical comfortable couch. It was falling to sheer pieces when I left), the keys I had thought I had lost several years before fell out. Really. Also my pedomoter. I am amazed I had never found them in the interim. After that bulk of the move, I still had to go back and clean out the miscellany.

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?


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