San Diego, March 2012

Not so much to really write up – Jenn was down in San Diego for ACS, and convinced me to come down for a day. So I did! I took the train down, from Union Station, which I hadn’t done before and I really enjoyed – the first part runs through the industrial areas behind union station, and the last part runs along the beach (basically right next to I-5 as it comes into San Diego). Highly recommended. With Jenn, I hung out, saw some other people, crashed the poster session at ACS, and basically went home the next day. Not so much “done” , but a fun short trip regardless.

The indoor “outdoor” Trax eating area at LA Union Station

Industrial areas as the train pulls out of LA

LA River, and even arguably some flora and fauna! I’m so excited for the future plans for the river.

Train goes right by Angels Stadium. In Anaheim. Which is in Orange County. Which is not in LA.

Pretty pier as we start going right along the coast

Birds against the sky. Fine, fine, I love this.

Super Californian

Awesome decor on an energy building

Train station down in San Diego

And inset in tile

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