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i continue to claim a vast plethora of social events as the reason for my slide into utter decay….

sunday at peeto’s bbq i managed to juggle balls (well, sacks) for the first time in my WHOLE LIFE, and this was very exciting. i would have done martial arts monday, but the gym was closed for memorial day…

and because i couldn’t do martial arts, i would have swum or worked out, but i couldn’t, because the gym was CLOSED for memorial day. pfui.

tuesday i just didn’t do squat (well, i baked, but that don’t count).

but yesterday i did karate and aikido (and then a lot of lifting after, but that’s enough about that). in karate we had nine students (and all three senseis) which for us is a very large class. at the end we did a mock tournament style thing for our kata, where those of us who are going to the tournament performed the kata for the “judges”, aka mostly the white belts 😉 however, i “won” this section, which was cute. just incidentally, i am going to do wansu kata for the tourney. and also probably compete in sparring.

also, susan born is still coming to class, and today she was sporting a brand new shiny starchy gi. so we helped her tie her belt down in the locker room, and then leave because we are done. when she comes up to class she is wearing the gi, all nice and whatnot, and also a big floppy hat. i must admit i giggled a little, but it was so very susan born (also, when she came into the locker room, she busted her gi out of a briefcase….very styling 🙂

aikido was. i’m still not managing to do anything very *well*, but at least i feel that i am starting to begin to do the things they ask, as opposed to just flounder and never quite get it.

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