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Adirondacks, August 2013 – Part 1

My hikes/trips file does note that we went to Zurich Bog, but I have no further notes or photos from that trip. We did, however, go for a long weekend to the Adirondacks, for our first trip there, and I have copious records of that trip. Yay! We were up in the general High Peaks region, both on the southern and northern sides, and all in all, it was a solid visit.

let’s try it manually?

Grimes Glen – August 29, 2020

We walked 1.5 miles in Grimes Glen and briefly went to the West Hills Nature Preserve.

Grimes Glen remains the best little hike. We’d wanted to go the prior weekend, but it would have had to be on Sunday, and we were worried that the parking lot would have been full by the time we’d gone. This is one of the features of this hike – there is a fairly small parking lot at the trailhead (maybe 15-20 cars), and there is no additional parking until a fair bit down the road, so while this is a quite popular little hike, it can’t get too overcrowded. Anyway, we pushed it off until this following weekend and were successful, leaving somewhat early (on a day that dawned rainy), and finding the parking lot with only a few vehicles around.

Walking outside

California – May 2013

My notes, again, from these couple of years are pretty shady, but this is what I have…

 May 2013, Eisenbud Wedding / San Francisco - greg K + pia,
 dinner with chris and jq, drive up to stanford, hang out
 with jenny, drive up to city, get to langton, hang a bit,
 dinner with danny and ryan, uber back, friday work, lunch
 with iris, hang out, meet up with katie, finally meet
 shannon, back to langton, iris shows me 32, hang out ,
 dinner with liana, drinks with iris and dave, head into
 berkeley with iris/dave, get bagels, go to tilden, head to
 ethan and elisa's, hang a bit, shower, head to eisenbud
 bbq.  hang out, come back, meet up for ramen/drinks, then
 go to danny's party.  hang out, meet jean r, go home. have
 breakfast with elisa, go to kate's brunch; brenda and nim
 and others are there, picked up ingolia, went to wedding,
 went back to ethan and elisa's.  met liz h at wedding.

Whew. Sounds like quite the mad rush of a weekend, doesn’t it? Looking over my images, have pictures from some of this, but not a whole lot of the rest. Alas and alack. I never want too many photos (too hard to ever come back and really look at them again), but then when you do come back, the holes are sadly apparent.

We can at least look at a few photos

Shadow Pines – August 15, 2020

Nathan had hurt his ankle a little bit, so I asked Levi if he just wanted to do some geocaching. He agreed, and I decided to just look for a place on the map it seemed like it had a whole bunch of geocaches that we could easily get to and still walk around without needing to expect a “hike”. What I ended up finding was a golf course that is now owned by the town of Penfield, Shadow Pines. It’s entirely undeveloped; that is, it’s just basically been let go from being a golf course and has been minimally maintained, but there are no real new facilities. Penfield apparently has a new master plan to develop the site, but no work has been done yet.

Check it out

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