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Geisha Coffee Cupping – September 17, 2011

Mere hours to December…I could be lazy, not post this, and count it as my December post, but I’m not going to! Because it’s so short as is. Anyway. Life continues. There will be a good bit of December travel, possibly a bit crazy making, but overall, I think it will be some good visiting time. New sofa arrived, which raises the question of what to do with the old one. We had the fairly obvious idea of putting it in another room, but it turns out it simply does not fit through any of our normal doorways. Like, really not. The downstairs main rooms have some bigger entryways, so it wasn’t an issue, but …yeah, no. Of course, being un-careful in this instance, we didn’t choose to measure the doorways until after we wrestled that thing upstairs, so now it is, ah, overfilling the landing. Nothing to see here, move along. Anyway! This intro par got longer than anticipated. Below the cut – some brief notes and a few photos of a coffee cupping we went to in September 2011!

Freshly roasted beans cooling

Mmmmmm, coffeee

Mammoth , Devils Postpile, and Flying Home – September 2011

Hey, happy almost Thanksgiving guys. We avoided the crazy Buffalo snow, mostly by not actually living in Buffalo, and the couple inches we did get are now gone, and it looks like fall again. But 2014 isn’t so interesting, and herein let me jump to writing about 2011….

After crashing my car in Mammoth, I ended up having a day to spend there, so I went and checked out Devil’s Postpile. All in all, it was pretty awesome, and I would highly recommend people to spend some time down there. After that, I flew home, which was a short but gorgeous flight back to LA.

Minaret Falls from the base looks awesome

What I did there

Yosemite to Mammoth – September 2011 – An Interlude

Hey! We’ve got new basement windows. I’m oddly delighted for something so mundane. BRING IT ON WINTER. Actually…no, I am going to have to walk that back. I would much rather hunker down in Southern California from November to May, but well, since that doesn’t seem to be an option this year, at least I can have twice as many panes, and far few window cracks (and no tape based repairs) on our basement windows this year. Oorah. It’s the little things.

Anyway, where we were? Ah, right, I had just finished up a quick backpacking trip to Ten Lake in Yosemite, and was more or less back at my car…

Leaving, alas.

Let’s move along, shall we?


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