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Crystal Lake to Windy Gap – June 19, 2011

Today was pretty nice – went out to the beach in Canandaigua for a bit, then stopped for lunch down there, on top of doing some garden work and generally puttering around the house. The first tomato turned red today, so here is hoping that there are continuous fresh tomatoes from now until October! Two weeks to go; most of the details have been hammered out, so I think we’re good. We’re getting the leaded glass sidelight windows repaired, so, one step at a time to keeping everything in the house shipshape. Now, back to a hike we did in

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Lake Arrowhead – June 4, 2011

We went out to California for about four days. Flew into Oakland, drove down the coast, spent a beautiful weekend in the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains seeing many friends and sharing in Dave and Iris getting married. We then headed back north, took a nice walk in the hills, got a ride in a Model S from Dan and Marina, went back to Oakland, spent the evening with yet more friends, had pizza and watched youtube videos, and then finally, the next morning, took in some quality Ikea time, followed by an In’N’Out visited before flying back home.

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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Fourth, Seattle

Planning for trips and the big party proceed apace. The tomatoes and cucumbers are growing in the heady summer sun. Watching fireworks was pleasant, if a bit interrupted by hyper 3 years olds, but that’s what you get with a family late night holiday. We’re flying out to Santa Cruz next weekend, and we have made an actual decision as to where we’re going for a few days after our wedding (ps. the catskills). So I guess this is all winning. But now! After spending out time in Olympic National Park, we headed back to Seattle and spent some time

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