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Portland, Oregon – July 22-25, 2010

Portland Trip I went up to Portland for a job interview, to which the company encouraged me to come up the day before, and then stay through the weekend to check out the area. Sounds good to me, I thought! So I took the opportunity to see some friends, and Kate also decided to come up for a couple of days and crash with me, having decided she wanted to see Portland for the first time. top of multnomah falls. you know. water tumbling.

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South Lake to Dusy Basin – July 16-17 , 2010

Well. We wanted to go on a backpacking trip. It was going to be two nights out, with a short-ish second hiking day, so we could have some time to explore Dusy Basin. However, when we finally got up there, the weather was definitely turning south on us. Oh well, I guess them’s the breaks when you head up into the Sierras. Instead of a day to explore Dusy Basin, we ended up hotfooting it all the way back to where we started. Joe didn’t want to get his feet wet, I guess!

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