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Road Trip – Part the Third, June 2010

In the first parts of my trip, I left Los Angeles and wound my way north through California, from the Bay Area, up to Lassen Volcanic Park , and then north to Lava Beds National Monument. From there we headed north into Oregon, heading to Crater Lake National Park. After that , Jen had to head back home, and after a farewell at the Klamath Falls Airport, I headed west, continued up the Oregon coastline, and eventually made my way to Portland.

Newport Bridge – one of the many excellent bridges along the coast

Onwards to northerner places

Road Trip – Part the First, June 2010

On June 16, 2010, just a day or two after graduation, I embarked on a road trip, leaving LA and heading north on the I-5. As my brief photo introduction says, it was 15 days and 3666 miles , three states, several parks, lots of birds, and general good times. I got up to Seattle in a zig-zag, and came straight back down in a tearing hurry, and it was pretty awesome.

I was so very tired
At the top of the cinder cone, I was pretty wrecked

Heading off from Home

Warner Springs – June 6-9,2010 …and Commencement

Right before commencement, I went south with my mother for a few days, staying in Warner Springs, and checking out Palomar, Julian, and the general surrounding area. It’s a nice place, sort of away from the city, and pretty hot, but not yet really the desert. The hot springs were pretty nice, too, and just driving around and seeing the area was a great couple of relaxing days.

it's a church!
I guess they’re saying “come on in”

Rest of the way


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