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Cooper Canyon, Angeles NF – August 31, 2008

Joe and I decided to go on a little bit of a photo/walking expedition. We wanted to play with cameras, so picked a not too difficult yet still quite pleasant hiking area, and set out to Cooper Canyon, from, I believe Cloudburst Summit off of Angeles Crest Highway. While there is a one way hike from there to Buckhorn, we did more of an out and back, although we did manage a small loop component. We went somewhere around 5 miles, with a total of 1000′ of elevation loss and gain, and took a lot of pictures.

thumbs up? maybe.

Going for a photo day

Onion Valley to Charlotte Lake – July 24-25, 2008

This trip started in Onion Valley in Inyo NF and went up and over Kearsarge Pass (hitting Kings Canyon NP at that point), and going to Charlotte Lake. It was an out and back hike with a tiny bit of internal loop, for 16 mi and ~2600′ of gain to the pass (and some miscellaneous climbing after). Originally this was going to be two nights and four people, but it ended up being me and Jeff and just the one night, but it was still pretty awesome all around. We went up to the trailhead the night before , to acclimatize (and stopping for pizza near the road junction in Mojave, which was pretty tasty), and set out in the morning.


Let’s go!

Mt. Baden-Powell Attempt, and the Mormon Rocks – July 13, 2008

So, it was a warm day, and I had wanted to go hiking the weekend, so I sent out email to the normal suspects, and Erin, Ben, and Tucker expressed an interest in heading out to Baden-Powell. I don’t recall precisely why I picked this one, but it seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. None of us wanted to get up *that* early, so we didn’t really get started on the trail until about noon. Unfortunately, our hike was cut short by rain, but it did give us the opportunity to stop at the Mormon Rocks, one of those places I always Mean To Stop At, but never quite make it to, since we’re always tired coming home, and they’d never been enough of a destination in their own right. Anyway, onwards!


Going about our day


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