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Mt. Williamson, Angeles NF – April 27, 2008

#42 surveying what is out there This was a nice little hike. It’s in the higher country of the Angeles, so even though it’s not all that long, it’s all pretty pleasant. I went with Tucker and Jeff (first time hiking with Tucker), for this overall 5 mile RT hike, with 1600′ of gain.

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Devil’s Chair, Devil’s Punchbowl County Park – April 5, 2008

we’ll make it I’d been meaning to make it out to this park for a while. The San Andreas fault runs just past the northern side of the San Gabriels, and at the location of Devil’s Punchbowl County Park, it’s done some pretty cool things to the landscape. There is some really neat broken and crumpled landscape right here pressed between the mountains and the desert. I went out with Erin , Remco, and Jeff, and did this 7 mi RT’ hike, which had a total of about 1000′ of gain and loss.

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Devils Canyon, Angeles NF – March 22, 2008

That day, we ended up doing a hike that I’d heard about several times, passed more than a few times – the trail from Route 2 down into Devils Canyon, in the San Gabriel Wilderness Area within the Angeles National Forest. We went to the bottom as far as the first trail camp, but you can keep going along trail, and then bushwhack (and canyoneer?) even further if you so choose. I went with Ben, Joe, Erin, and Crystal on the first and last trip I ever managed to drag her on. The hike was 7 miles RT, give or

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Strawberry Peak from Red Box – March 5, 2008

We actually did a group hike! I said we should do a group hike, and much to my surprise, it actually happened. That was kind of cool. Anyway, we went on a Wednesday, which was an awesome day to go hiking, and a bunch of us drove up and did a nice day-hike summit of Strawberry Peak. We went up the “easy” way which still has the last bit being a pretty steep scrabble, but isn’t the class 3 ish stuff that you have going up the other way. The trip was 6.5 mi round trip, with 1500′ of gain

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