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Mt Lawlor, baby.

November 18, 2006, Erin, Joe and I went up Mt. Lawlor in the Angeles National Forest (yay San Gabes). I found a listing of the trip in the Hundred Peaks Section of the Angeles Sierra Club Chapter. This was just a lowkey day hike, 6 mi RT (out and back), and 1300′ of gain. This was more or less meant as a test of my hiking ability after going through PT stuff for my knee.

on your…mark

The Hike, up the hills

some smaller things.

I’m falling farther and farther behind! but I haven’t done anything in ages, so maybe I’ll catch up. Maybe. I doubt it.

Anyway, October 7-8 2006 or so, I went up to Big Sur on the California coast with a bunch of people, and we hung out in a campground, and then went up to Monterey the next day to go kayaking in the bay. It was pretty awesome, and I really don’t have many pictures, but I definitely need to go kayaking more (though I haven’t gone since). Of minor interest however might be this picture, in which we saw a lovely zebra grazing at the side of the road. Apparently they are remnants from Hearst’s private zoo, but still, rather unexpected.

And then October 20-21 (but basically only the 21st) I went out to Joshua Tree for a night with some people. We got there around midnight, drove around forever looking for a campsite (damn climbers!!), finally sort of hijacked one, and crashed. We woke up the next day and proceeded to do a tour of a lot of the little hikes that are around the park, and just show the place off to the couple of us who hadn’t been there before.

Amongst other things, we went on the Barker Dam little 1 mi loop walk again which I mentioned in one of my prior trips to Joshua Tree, but I just really like this particular photo:

So little!

later, alls.


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