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Mineral King

In late July of 2006 , I went with Ryan, Danny, Erin and Joe for an overnight backpack in Sequoia National Park’s Mineral King Valley. We started there, headed south over Farewell Gap, thus crossing into Sequoia National Forest, and arduously headed on to Bullfrog Lakes, where we spent the night. The two day total was 17 mi RT, with 3400′ of gain over both days (600′ of drop, so 2800′ climbing the first day). The starting elevation was 8000′, pretty much right on the money, and the elevation at the lakes was 10,700. Pretty out there. Also, marmots! Read more after the pictures.



a digression on the hike itself…with more pictures!

Mt Baden-Powell, Angeles NF, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006 (and so slackerly writing these up!) Joe and Erin and I set out into the hills to try and escape the terrible heat of Pasadena. Well, it was actually cooler up there, if you can call 85 degrees much of a break. But it’s still kind of warm. Anyway, our goal was Mt. Baden-Powell, an 8 mi out-and-back hike, 2800′ of gain, to summit at 9399′. (that’s kind of like an A- height, isn’t it?).

This is of course named after the founder of the Boy Scouts. They think so highly of him and his mountain that they put a memorial and a dead tree up there for him.


The hike up the mountain


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