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Hetch-Hetchy Reservoir, Yosemite NP – June 2006

On June 23-25, 2006 I was in the Hetch-Hetchy region of Yosemite NP. John Muir called this valley originally a partner to Yosemite Valley, often called one of the most beautiful places around. Hetch-Hetchy, however, was flooded behind O’Shaughnessy Dam as of 1923, in order to generate electricity and give drinking water to San Francisco. “Muir was pretty pissed”. Anyway, the reservoir makes a pretty nice lake, although I would easily believe it was better before.

Anyway, I was up there with Joe, Gretchen, Dan, Kate, Elisa and Jen. On the latter two days of that trip, we did an overnight out and back trip to Rancheria Creek, 13 mi’ RT, and maybe 600 feet of gain, but mostly flat. We’d been intending to go on to Tiltill Valley, but the heat defeated us.


The actuality of the trip, in and of itself:


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