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the numbers, they grow

swam 750 yards (30 laps) this morning. ariele (one of the people i TA with) came with, although she left early because she was ill. she seems psyched to swim though, and we are going to go again friday morning (we both TA too early tomorrow morning) and this is probably a good thing. i miss swimming with jenny (and occasionally amittai) but having people around who have a stake in you going, at least to some marginal extent, is *huge* impetus for me to actually keep up with things. and i really like swimming, and i’m even willing to

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500 yard swum this morning. whee! before it got too hot, too. karate this evening; more enjoyable that normal. normal sensei wasn’t there, one of the new dan rank guys is, and i really liked him. and also this other sensei who trained with the collamer-jones dojo in new york, which also follows master shimabuku , and not master angi uezu. who is also an amazing karateka, but yeah. you get used to certain styles of things. davila-sensei, out here, is just a bit too , i don’t know. something. informal, maybe.

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feeling embarassingly like a loser. ah well.

swam yesterday, cause i finally got my swedish goggles from jenny. only 350 yards, but a decent start. the pool here is outside. and there is also a spa/hot tub thing as well, which is nice… tried to go hiking today. totally died , maybe a mile in. bah. came down, got taken home. (for what it’s worth, it was a 12-14 mile hike, with 3600′ of elevation gain – was physically fine, but couldn’t breathe to save my life. and it was only going to get steeper….) meh. i feel like a giant loser, but hey, at least i

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last weekend i went skiing (up in tahoe) for what is the the second time ever. the first being when i was 12. i took a lesson. it was great. then i took some green slopes (this was at heavenly) and fell most times, but didn’t die that much. we went to kirkwood the next day, and i hit every green there and didn’t fall on any of them. i am winn0r, hear me roar! things learned: if you feel like you are going too fast, you probably are. no, really, don’t look down at your feet. Edited to add:

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