Blog - July 2003

did it

yay new belt. well, some brown e tape on my belt. but that makes it new. test was a bitch, as i expected. commentary afterword was…enlightening, in that entirely muddled way. dave is right though, they want something from me, for me to grow or change in some way. we’ll see. i think i understand what they want, but working towards it will certainly be a challenge. i think i have a good basis on which to stand now though. very sad, not so many classes left with the club. but srinivas was there for the test! and chris came

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time flows

saturday karate. worked a lot on some minutiae of kata, also they made me teach a bit. what, they are getting me ready to test? you don’t say. shocker, that. was in so much of a snit yesterday that i needed to run off to the gym to run a bit, so i did that. no real set time or distance, but it ended up being a few miles. and on no food!! yay smart lifestyle choices!!

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the hits just keep on coming

monday, another 30 minute treadmill love fest, at 5.2 mph, so, marginally faster. tuesday, 1 mile at 5.4mph, which seems to be a good speed for now that i can play with, then karate. today, no running cause i went to the beach before karate. good class; we gave borthwick-sensei dorky texas baseball cap we got him, that has borthwick-sensei embroidered on the back. he liked. 🙂 TESTING. July 19th, noon-2, wrestling room. scary scary. come watch them make me do hard things.

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the sun

on friday the 4th, before the socializing started, i went and took the path along the river out past watertown (so, a 14 mile + epsilon loop). i had never ever seen the little dam in the river just beyond watertown square before. it was a great morning, and all these people were out enjoying themselves. it was warm, and i was going fast (well, for me), and it was just remarkably amazing to be alive and young and outside. saturday i went biking with yak, down to the blue hills, then through the reservation, and then i caught the

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in little circles

running, still only treadmill. did the whole half hour though, at 12 minute miles, so , 2.5 miles. this makes my longest nonstop run (aka slow jog) to date. my heart still gets going pretty fast, although it recovers to a low rate very rapidly. an hrm would be a neat thing to own.

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couple of days

yesterday, went sailing again with jenny. dwight suggested she take out the new tech dinghy, so we got the shiny boat, that also handled a little funny. i also got a boathouse card. i *am* a winner. of course, i’m only rated to swim. but whatever. yesterday and today were karate. smallish classes; a lot of people are out of town. no class on saturday, as the z center is closed for the holiday weekend. banks sensei is the only one of the senseis around, so class has a slightly different timbre. a good one. also ran a bit before

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