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karate has been mostly it.

karate has been mostly it.

i went to an aikido class. in the small rolls at the beginning, i managed to catch my toes and pull them up very badly. this hurt quite a lot, but i went through the class nonetheless. it hurt more the next day. talking to my mom that day, i found out i still had health insurance, so i went to the hospital and spent 2 hours and whatnot getting xrays taken. fortunately, nothing broken.
but i have some nice bruising, which is always such a joy when you know it is all due to internal bleeding.

but karate is good. *sigh* just one more on the long list of things i will miss (even if i keep up with it, it won’t be the same – one more reason i should have applied to berkeley, eh? to work out there….. ah, the “important” reasons)

steve from our karate club just moved to miami. a bunch of us went to lunch in a somewhat-more-chinese-than-normal place in chinatown where they all knew him. while i couldn’t say i knew him well, i certainly knew him, i don’t know, personally.

mostly martial arts

saturday may 31, karate. class was class. we also did practice sparring for the tournament. we had to wear pads, which we never do in class. they make you all sweaty and nasty and they take away half your techniques. blergh. guess i should get used to them for the next month at least though.

my sparring style peeves me. although i am told it will be quite effective for the tournament, (lisa says most of the middle ranked women are kind of…hesitant. that , at least, i’m not), i really don’t feel like i’m in complete control of what i’m doing. i mean, mushin notwithstanding, you don’t want to just be throwing things and flailing. you want to be responding faster than you can think, but *responding*, ideally, not just waving in the air. *sigh*. practice helps though.

and then nothing sunday, due to torrential rain.

today i felt like a complete slackass. but then the evening happened. so, half mile run, karate class, then aikido class. all mostly good i would say. i got some good commentary for my kata for the tournament. i also got to teach a fair bit in karate, which i like a lot. i’m working really hard on excising the bits that piss me off when others teach. dunno how successful i’m being (notably the tendency to overexplain. and overdemonstrate. some is good, you have to have some. but it doesn’t take all that much to become condescending, which i hate). aikido also fun. i really like the way you rotate partners. i am starting to know that when i work with various people, what kind of different things i will get out of it. who is a little more diffident, and who will throw me across the mat 😉
funfun. so damn hungry now. lates, y0.

a little bit here

i continue to claim a vast plethora of social events as the reason for my slide into utter decay….

sunday at peeto’s bbq i managed to juggle balls (well, sacks) for the first time in my WHOLE LIFE, and this was very exciting. i would have done martial arts monday, but the gym was closed for memorial day…

and because i couldn’t do martial arts, i would have swum or worked out, but i couldn’t, because the gym was CLOSED for memorial day. pfui.

tuesday i just didn’t do squat (well, i baked, but that don’t count).

but yesterday i did karate and aikido (and then a lot of lifting after, but that’s enough about that). in karate we had nine students (and all three senseis) which for us is a very large class. at the end we did a mock tournament style thing for our kata, where those of us who are going to the tournament performed the kata for the “judges”, aka mostly the white belts 😉 however, i “won” this section, which was cute. just incidentally, i am going to do wansu kata for the tourney. and also probably compete in sparring.

also, susan born is still coming to class, and today she was sporting a brand new shiny starchy gi. so we helped her tie her belt down in the locker room, and then leave because we are done. when she comes up to class she is wearing the gi, all nice and whatnot, and also a big floppy hat. i must admit i giggled a little, but it was so very susan born (also, when she came into the locker room, she busted her gi out of a briefcase….very styling 🙂

aikido was. i’m still not managing to do anything very *well*, but at least i feel that i am starting to begin to do the things they ask, as opposed to just flounder and never quite get it.


last thursday i went with the late night sailing crowd (jenny hu convinced me to go….) and got hit in the face with the boom as i was getting into the boat. “ouch”. fortunately, the bruise and the cut are healing up nicely….

friday i did in fact go to aikido before descending into the ethanol induced haze of the rest of the evening…

the aikido class was a lot of fun, it was much smaller, one brown belt, three blue belts, and me. we did a lot of stuff in rondori (sp?) style, which means one person in the center, and other people around them in a circle, taking turns at being the uke. for the first time, i feel like i finally got a grip on a couple of throws.

saturday i failed to go to karate, due to still having, um, “illness” problems from the night before, getting over them, and waking up like 10 minutes before class and deciding discretion was the better part of valor.

sunday walked out to esplanade and picnicked with everyone. i blew bubbles.

monday jenny hu started teaching me to juggle pins. i have always been hopeless at juggling, but i was getting up to being decent with two, although not quite up to multiple tosses. i will have to practice more! and then in the evening, karate and aikido. both fun, more or less normal. i guess in aikido we were doing a lot more ki type stuff. one of these involved basically pushing at the shoulder of someone and trying to move them (and them not trying to move). the black belt i was working with kept exhorting me to push harder, but i *was*, and she thought i was going easy on her or something. *blush* i feel weak; i should go work out or something. karate was about normal, good fun. susan born was there!

annabarr: Laura's Picnic - May 18, 2003 &emdash; people

Edited 11/22/2013 – People at the picnic! so many peoples.

that’s a negatory, captain

ok, so , monday , karate + aikido, went about as normal. jake participated in kumite (sparring) for the first time. i need to work a lot on that. i wonder if i should compete in kumite at the tournament though, or just stick to kata? hrm.

and then aikido. the first half of the class was as normal, then they had their testing. very different than our isshinryu ones. people are tested one at a time, first for ki, then for knowing things. then they have ukes come up to practice throws against, then they have a freestyle section. and you can cheer! i wish we could cheer at karate testings, that would be wicked fun.

muscle soreness from hiking was high, but has since decreased. but as of tuesday, my knee decided to eat the stick, and really hurts quite a lot. i was going to go swimming, but jenny hu punted on me due to hosage, so i punted due to lameness and pain. of course, i still biked all over cambridge. today no specific work. did sell raffle stuff for karate in lobby 10, which was fun in it’s own way. no karate today cause i went to the movies instead.

so i damn well better swim tomorrow, or i will have to kick my own ass…

well damn

a little bit of biking, but really only too/from boston.

went to both karate and aikido. very very tiring karate workout, i was getting really close to my “gah, want to pass out now” limit. which is probably good for me. i’m also noticing for the first time a definite increase in my flexibility, which i am really enjoying. i wonder if the ballistic stretching from aikido is helping? cause i haven’t really noticed much from ~2 years of karate stretching, but it could have been that it has been incremental and i am just noticing now….

they are having an aikido belt test on monday, which i will watch. i have never seen one, and apparently spectators are also participants, in that they are the uke for the testees being nage.

also, DAMN, there was a lot of sweating. i weighed myself before and after (3 hours of) classes. i lost 1.5 lbs straight up. i also drank 1 L (2.2 lbs) of water in that time period. damn. that’s lots of sweat.


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