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Mammoth and Yosemite, June 2012

Hey I had a baby! …18 mpnths ago. There are lots of photos of that elsewhere. Some five and a half years ago, however, I drove up with Nathan and his parents towards the mountains. Man, I miss the California mountains. This was one of our last few trips before moving to New York. In which we doddle around the Sierra

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Boston – June / July 2011

Hey now! I got married. It was a whole thing. I had fun. I hope the guests did too. Anytoodles…let’s put up a few pics, eh? Not from the wedding, I don’t really have any yet 🙂 Just a few memories from one of my work trips to Boston, end of June 2011. Welcome Extreme Sailing!

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Road Trip – Part the Second, June 2010

We left off, having just left Lassen National Park, and we headed off to the next part of our trip – up into the north east corner of California to Lava Beds National Monument, stopping at the way to look at a truly lovely waterfall. Schonchin Butte, in Lava Beds NM

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Hither and Yon around Washington, DC, Part II (May 2008)

Well, still have to talk about the rest of my trip to DC! As I mentioned in the prior post, I went out with Jenny to Antietam National Battlefield and Harpers Ferry National Historic Park. Which meant , in addition to more NPS sites, going out to West Virginia for my first time ever. Just that easy, eh?

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Hither and Yon around Washington, DC, Part I (May 2008)

Apparently actually showing him in the chair took a bit of doing. I went to go hang out with Jenny and see some people on a quick trip to Washington, DC from May 15-18 2008. It was all in all a pretty awesome time. I walked for a fair bit along the National Mall, from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, and then back via the Roosevelt and Jefferson Memorials. Clint also gave me the “standard” I guess tour of the Senate, which also involved a fair bit of walking. The Senate was actually in session, so I got to

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