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San Gabriel River Bike Trail – May 8, 2010

In brief, Joe was like “dude, I have this new bike!” and I was like “let’s go ride bikes!” so we went out for a bit of a ride on the San Gabriel River Trail. Joe was still a bit new to riding bikes at this time, and I hadn’t ridden in a while, so it was all good. Of course, over the next few months Joe went all “hard core cyclist” as he is wont to do when he tries new things, but still 🙂 I think we probably did about 21-22 miles total. Looking north up the bike

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why did i?

boston was all karate. got one more workout than i expected, due to turning over to fall schedule. so we went from T–>M workouts, so i got that last monday class. it was good. i’ve now been force fed the last bit of chinto kata. hopefully i will be able to self motivate and work on it on my own, or i *will* lost it all. although i will at least get some karate next week, i believe. put my bike together this morning, and proceeded to go out a bit. downhill is great. oh, but my, do i suck

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the sun

on friday the 4th, before the socializing started, i went and took the path along the river out past watertown (so, a 14 mile + epsilon loop). i had never ever seen the little dam in the river just beyond watertown square before. it was a great morning, and all these people were out enjoying themselves. it was warm, and i was going fast (well, for me), and it was just remarkably amazing to be alive and young and outside. saturday i went biking with yak, down to the blue hills, then through the reservation, and then i caught the

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karate sched changed, so there was class tuesday and wednesday, also saturday. that’s about it, other than biking hither and yon.

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a bit more rare

friday in brief, was gorgeous. i biked 12-13 miles, i think. out with yak to the minuteman, and a couple miles down it, then i turned back. i chose to come back along the new fresh pond bit of bike path, which was exceedingly nice. later went sailing a bit. the person before us had messed up one of the knots in the ropes attaching the boat, so we had to wait a bit for people with pliers (!) to come and undo it. but then out on the water, nice and relaxed…. today, karate. matt basically sat me down

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a moment

may 8th:1200 m swim today: replaced punctured tire on bike (tire died on ride home from dangerhaus last night). patched punctured tire to create spare. cleaned and lubed bike a bit. funfun. hooray for tire levers!

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