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well damn

May 7th, 2003 by

a little bit of biking, but really only too/from boston.

went to both karate and aikido. very very tiring karate workout, i was getting really close to my “gah, want to pass out now” limit. which is probably good for me. i’m also noticing for the first time a definite increase in my flexibility, which i am really enjoying. i wonder if the ballistic stretching from aikido is helping? cause i haven’t really noticed much from ~2 years of karate stretching, but it could have been that it has been incremental and i am just noticing now….

they are having an aikido belt test on monday, which i will watch. i have never seen one, and apparently spectators are also participants, in that they are the uke for the testees being nage.

also, DAMN, there was a lot of sweating. i weighed myself before and after (3 hours of) classes. i lost 1.5 lbs straight up. i also drank 1 L (2.2 lbs) of water in that time period. damn. that’s lots of sweat.