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Mt. Baldy – January 15, 2011

December 19th, 2013 by

A winter summit of Baldy! In some ways, this was actually easier than doing it as a hike. Anyway, Chris called me up maybe 1-2 days before, and asked if I wanted to go up Baldy. Sure, I said! Sounds like a blast. Of course, I really didn’t know what was intended so much, but it seemed like good times anyway. Christopher had expressed interest, so the two of them had concocted this trip, then Chris had invited me along as bonus. All in all, it was a most gorgeous day to be up on the mountain, with pretty close to perfect weather, fabulous views, and several miles less of walking. You still have to ascend all 3800′ of elevation gain from the Manker Flats lot, but the trip back down loses a lot of that rather quickly.

Mirrored lenses both protect your eyes AND make everything way more awesome

The hike

Snowshoeing Mt. Baden-Powell – March 20, 2010

March 7th, 2012 by

In brief, Joe called me up, and said “let’s go snowshoeing!”. I agreed, and we headed up to Mt. Baden-Powell. And then as the song says, we “marched right up to the top of that hill”, but then, we glissaded down again. This was my first experience with glissade, and I loved it. Loved. It. Amazing. Would do again.

annabarr: Mt Baden-Powell - March 20, 2010 &emdash; well-traveled
follow the footsteps

Walking up the hill

Sequoia Snowshoeing, Jan 25-27, 2008

June 10th, 2009 by

Just messing around for a bit. Outside is big! Yellow speck in the middle is Erin

Ever since I had gone snowshoeing on a Tahoe trip, I had wanted to do it again. While we do get snow down here in Southern California, it just isn’t all that much, and it’s precious and fleeting. And also, I don’t own snow shoes 🙂 But I wanted to get both a chance to try out some winter camping with a chance to go snowshoeing, so I took a weekend , Jan 25-27, 2008 to go up to Sequoia National Park with Erin and Gretchen. We spent the first night at Potwisha campground, the second at Lodgepole, and snowshoed the Tokopah Falls Trail from Lodgepole while we were there.

The Trip

Two Brief Interludes – December 2, 2007 Walk, and Jan 5-6 Brief Camping

June 8th, 2009 by

looking east, taking in the view

A couple brief excursions. I took a walk up Route 2 from where it was closed at Islip Saddle with Ben, Erin, Kendra, and Alexis on December 2, 2007. January 5-6 , 2008 I took a *very* brief winter camping trip with Peter and Helen. It snowed.

A walk up past Islip Saddle and A brief test of our emergency snow system

Mt Josephine, Angeles NF

October 26th, 2007 by

I would like to note that this hike marks the 4th anniversary of my hikes.txt hiking log. The log doesn’t note *all* the hikes I’ve ever been on, but it’s most of them. (I started it with my first pair of real hiking boots. However, my first real hike as an adult was Mt Monadnock, when I was 21 or 22 or so. Thanks Jake!). Anyway, this hike put me at about the 325 recorded miles hiked mark. “It’s a start!” Here’s to well more miles than that in the future…

Anyway, hiking! This was a surprise 8 mile hike up Mt Josephine (5558′, 1900′ of gain), via the Mt Josephine Fire Road. (A surprise because the guidebook listed it as 6 miles, trip #35 in Trails of the Angeles). I went with Erin, Ben, and his friend Matt. There had been rain in Pasadena the prior day, which meant we had fresh snow nearer the top of this hike!

know your safety stats!

thanks google

bit of a hike , in words

Lake Tahoe – Feb 8-11, 2007

October 16th, 2007 by

Jen took charge! And had a ski weekend up in Lake Tahoe from February 8 to 11, 2007. It was super fun, and she did a wonderful job. And I got to go snowshoeing for the first time ever!

go geoff

So there we all were….

Yosemite, December 8-10, 2006

April 13th, 2007 by

Erin and I went to Yosemite Valley for the weekend of December 8-10 (for her birthday).

Mirror Lake

A winter interlude in Yosemite Valley

Icehouse Canyon to Icehouse Saddle, April 23, 2006

August 21st, 2006 by

On April 23, 2006, Erin, Joe, and I went on a hike up the aptly named Icehouse Canyon. This was 7.2 mi RT, with 2600′ of elevation gain (although the listing I see now says 5120′ to 7580′, so , eh), ending at Icehouse Saddle.


The hike, a listing!

Mt. Waterman, Angeles NF, March 26, 2006

June 26th, 2006 by

The day after my car accident, I was scheduled to go hiking. So, of course, I went hiking. It was great! Stupid, but great.

Anyway, Joe and I pulled off a trip to Mt Waterman. Something like 6 miles total, although getting an accurate distance was hard, and 1300′ or so of gain. But, there was a lot more snow than we had been expecting. (ETA: 3 years later, I learned we didn’t make it to the true summit – boo!)

check out the branch in the foreground. a photographer is not me!

the walking that we were doing