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Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats – June 10, 2012

February 9th, 2016 by

This winter is still a bust, more or less, though it looks like we might be getting a hair of a promise of winter on the horizon later this week? Who knows. Anyway, life proceeds apace. Doing various work here and there, not getting out anything like at the level I’d like, but…oh well. People visiting, putting the house together, and just getting stuff done one day at a time! Not too bad. So…instead, perhaps I can do a bit more of the things I used to do, back when I lived near mountains and good weather. In June 2012 Nathan, Joe, Gretchen and I did a 7 mile hike with 1300′ of gain (to 2550′) from Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats and back again. Mostly on fireroad, but nice for all that, and the exceedingly pleasant forested bit at the type made a nice change up.

We’re walking, we’re walking…

Eaton Canyon up and over to Altadena – February 26, 2011

January 24th, 2014 by

This hike was a bit of a haul. We started at Eaton Canyon, and went Henninger Flats –> Idlehour Trail –> Inspiration Point–> Echo Mountain –> Altadena. This was a total of 13 miles and 4100′ of gain, according to Trip #28 in Trails of the Angeles.

On the trail heading up

Well, let’s head out, shall we?

Snowshoeing – January 16, 2011

December 30th, 2013 by

Happy almost New Year! It’s that time of the year, where I like to think about winter sports. Unfortunately, the snow has come…and gone again, and not really bothered to come again yet. We’ll see. Anyway, a couple of years ago we went up to the San Gabriels to play around with some snowshoes. It was pretty. It was also the day after I had just gone up Baldy, so it was pretty lowkey.

start your engines….

Going for a walk

Inspiration Point – November 14, 2010

December 11th, 2013 by

Nathan and I headed out on a great fall day to go on a hike. Driving straight up Lake Avenue from Pasadena into Altadena, we parked, and kept heading up the hill to Echo Mountain. So far, this was a hike I had done a couple times before. From there, however, after taking a bit of a break and enjoying the view, we kept going up the hill, and took the Castle Canyon Trail up to Inspiration Point. There were some wasps along the way, and the last bit was a bit of a slog, but overall it was a pretty great hike. 9.4 miles RT, with 2800′ of gain. Overall Pics.

There are a lot of fixed viewing tubes up at Inspiration Point.

Altadena to Echo Mountain , Inspiration Point

Mt. Hawkins – June 5, 2010

June 27th, 2012 by

This time right around when I was graduating really felt like a time when I had a lot of chance, desire, and availability to really go outside and check things out. While life had been a bit crazy for the last few months, these were really a chance to just get outside. So, I emailed out to the standard people, and Rashied and Chris were able to come on out with me for a hike. We had to go a bit past some of what was the “general” area I would have gone to, since a lot of the forest was still closed from the Station Fire, but the Angeles Crest Highway was still open, so we were able to head on up to Mt. Hawkins, which is a bit southwest of Islip Saddle. The trip was approximately 9 miles round trip, with 2300′ of gain, but my GPS said there were 3160′ of actual climbing involved.

White dead trees stand quite starkly

Let’s continue

Snowshoeing Mt. Baden-Powell – March 20, 2010

March 7th, 2012 by

In brief, Joe called me up, and said “let’s go snowshoeing!”. I agreed, and we headed up to Mt. Baden-Powell. And then as the song says, we “marched right up to the top of that hill”, but then, we glissaded down again. This was my first experience with glissade, and I loved it. Loved. It. Amazing. Would do again.

annabarr: Mt Baden-Powell - March 20, 2010 &emdash; well-traveled
follow the footsteps

Walking up the hill

Mt. Waterman, Angeles NF – June 27, 2009

August 7th, 2011 by

As usual, a dayhike occurred because I wanted to get outside and go for a bit of a walk. I can’t recall exactly how or why we ended up picking Mt. Waterman, but we did, and Erin, Peter, and I headed up to the San Gabriels and set out on this hike (6 miles, some 1300′ of gain).

Just some people, out for a walk in the woods

Short writeup, many photos

Throop Peak, Angeles NF – May 24, 2009

August 6th, 2011 by

The Angeles Crest Highway (Route 2) up and through the San Gabriel Mountains has a fairly convoluted history of being open and closed in various places, at various times, for various reasons. For most of time in Pasadena, at least some of it had been closed, and I had never driven the entirety of the road. One particular section, from Islip Saddle to Vincent Gap, had been closed for several years, and while I had been right up to either end of that closure, I had never gone through that middle section. So, when I heard it was open, it seemed like the right time to head up there for a hike. There aren’t actually that many trailheads heading out from that section, but there are a couple leaving from Dawson Saddle, which is also the highest point on the ACH at 7901′. Joe and I ended up heading to Throop Peak, which has the added amusement value of being named after Amos Throop, the man who founded Caltech. The hike was fairly brief at 5 miles and 1200′ of gain, but it was a nice day, and we managed to do a complete loop from Pasadena to trailhead to Pasadena. And with hindsight and the Station Fire messing everything up again, it was good that we grabbed the opportunity.

I look pretty good there, if I do say so myself

A bit of hiking

Jones Peak – December 31, 2008

March 20th, 2011 by

On New Years Eve Day of 2008, Peter called up and asked if I wanted to go for a bit of a hike. I was amenable, and so out we went. We headed out towards Sierra Madre, and went up Jones Peak, a front range bit of a hill in the first set of foothills of the San Gabriels. This was ~6.6 mi hike, with 2200′ or so of gain.

some lovely leaves

Heading along

Cooper Canyon, Angeles NF – August 31, 2008

August 23rd, 2010 by

Joe and I decided to go on a little bit of a photo/walking expedition. We wanted to play with cameras, so picked a not too difficult yet still quite pleasant hiking area, and set out to Cooper Canyon, from, I believe Cloudburst Summit off of Angeles Crest Highway. While there is a one way hike from there to Buckhorn, we did more of an out and back, although we did manage a small loop component. We went somewhere around 5 miles, with a total of 1000′ of elevation loss and gain, and took a lot of pictures.

thumbs up? maybe.

Going for a photo day