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Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats – June 10, 2012

February 9th, 2016 by

This winter is still a bust, more or less, though it looks like we might be getting a hair of a promise of winter on the horizon later this week? Who knows. Anyway, life proceeds apace. Doing various work here and there, not getting out anything like at the level I’d like, but…oh well. People visiting, putting the house together, and just getting stuff done one day at a time! Not too bad. So…instead, perhaps I can do a bit more of the things I used to do, back when I lived near mountains and good weather. In June 2012 Nathan, Joe, Gretchen and I did a 7 mile hike with 1300′ of gain (to 2550′) from Eaton Canyon to Henninger Flats and back again. Mostly on fireroad, but nice for all that, and the exceedingly pleasant forested bit at the type made a nice change up.

We’re walking, we’re walking…

Disneyland May 29, 2012

January 28th, 2016 by

Heh. California dreaming much? Though really, this Rochester winter is a bust so far. Of course, that means that I am jinxing it, right? Anyway, let’s wind up this time machine again, shall we? So….What can I say? I took the opportunity to take Nathan to Disneyland before we moved away from Southern California. Kip and Glenn were awesome and took us, and I would say that we had, you know, fun. As the kids say. Nowadays. Anyway, we went out for the day and hit both DCA and the Magic Kingdom. Let’s photo!

Shiny happy people?

Mt Baden Powell – May 27, 2012

December 3rd, 2015 by

Happy week after Thanksgiving, friends. Some cold virus has taken it upon itself to fell me most thoroughly this week, so sitting here typing this is one of the more energetic things I’ve done this week. Baby steps! Anyway, a horrifyingly long 3.5 years ago I went on a hike for my birthday, and got to meet up with Dan on his trip over the PCT. I’d gone up Baden-Powell a few times before , but that doesn’t make it a less cool hike to go on. We also saw people flying in gliders. It was a beautiful day. (ETA – this is an 8 mile RT, 2800′ gain hike)

soaring above

Trip and pics thereof, yay

Geisha Coffee Cupping – September 17, 2011

November 30th, 2014 by

Mere hours to December…I could be lazy, not post this, and count it as my December post, but I’m not going to! Because it’s so short as is. Anyway. Life continues. There will be a good bit of December travel, possibly a bit crazy making, but overall, I think it will be some good visiting time. New sofa arrived, which raises the question of what to do with the old one. We had the fairly obvious idea of putting it in another room, but it turns out it simply does not fit through any of our normal doorways. Like, really not. The downstairs main rooms have some bigger entryways, so it wasn’t an issue, but …yeah, no. Of course, being un-careful in this instance, we didn’t choose to measure the doorways until after we wrestled that thing upstairs, so now it is, ah, overfilling the landing. Nothing to see here, move along. Anyway! This intro par got longer than anticipated. Below the cut – some brief notes and a few photos of a coffee cupping we went to in September 2011!

Freshly roasted beans cooling

Mmmmmm, coffeee

Channel Islands – July 2011 – Part the Third and last

October 2nd, 2014 by

This week has been remarkably prosaic. Leaves are falling. I went to the dentist. Some chicken went *truly* rancid in the fridge. That stench took a while to clear out of the kitchen. So that’s me! Happy October. Anyway, where were we? We’d just spent our first couple days on the Channel Islands, so we might as well finish the trip (…which was secretly ending up in August 2011, but I want the titles to match up, you know). Picture dense again – the last day was super pretty. Pretty much not sorry.



Lake Arrowhead – June 4, 2011

July 18th, 2014 by

We went out to California for about four days. Flew into Oakland, drove down the coast, spent a beautiful weekend in the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains seeing many friends and sharing in Dave and Iris getting married. We then headed back north, took a nice walk in the hills, got a ride in a Model S from Dan and Marina, went back to Oakland, spent the evening with yet more friends, had pizza and watched youtube videos, and then finally, the next morning, took in some quality Ikea time, followed by an In’N’Out visited before flying back home. Whew! Quite the weekend, and maybe in another three years I’ll write it up with photos 😉 For now…home again, home again, putting the house in order, and beginning the real clock to our own wedding. So…let’s talk about a little day trip to Lake Arrowhead we took a few years ago 🙂 We just needed / wanted to get away a little bit, so we drove up and up the hill to Lake Arrowhead, and found what we could find…

like these!

Lake Arrowhead, North Shore Recreation Trail

California, Google, Skiing squaw, April 4-10, 2011

March 10th, 2014 by

Winter seems to maybe, kind of, be slowly abating. Next weekend I’m headed down to the city to see some family; here’s hoping that after I make it back we’ll be into the full swing of spring. One can hope. Anyway – here is some discussion of a trip I took around California a few years back (Kate! If you’re reading this, this is from April *2011*. Don’t get confused now). I headed up to the Bay Area for some job interview action, checked out the Google campus, saw some friends, then went out for a ski weekend in Tahoe with Jen and Nathan – and we met up with Joe and his brother August while we there. In that year, Squaw had had 450″ of snow at the base of the mountain by April, and 700″ at the summit. Ye gads.

Have some Android releases

So, some things I did

Malibu Parks – March 27, 2011

March 1st, 2014 by

Man. March in western NY is way freaking colder than in California. Not that I miss it or anything. Wait now… Anyway. Packed the first box today…I mean, moving in like 6-10 weeks, so, sure. Why not. The owner of our current rental has been getting it painted for the last week, so it’s looking all new and fresh. Anyway, time to delve into the past, for a good day out in the Santa Monica Mountains.

We had a day! I’m not sure how I picked these places (…I’m not even 100% sure I picked them in advance), but either way, Nathan and Greg and I headed out to some of the various parks in an around Malibu (fine, closer to Agoura Hills…), as most of the Angeles were still closed off after the Station Fire. We hit up Paramount Ranch (which is actually part of the Santa Monica Mountains NRA), and Malibu Creek State Park. Afterwards we got some food and beer, and all in all had a pretty fine. day.

Note – there are to be no martinis, do you hear me? None.

To the fields!

Mammoth – March 2011

February 23rd, 2014 by

Well, this would be, you know, a weekend ski trip with some people – it’s really never a bad time to go up to the Eastern Sierra. Definitely a fun weekend. I went cross country skiing in Mammoth, downhill skiing at June Lake, and got over to stare at the tufa at Mono Lake twice in one weekend. Outstanding!

General view across the way in June Lake – Carson Peak


Snowshoeing – January 16, 2011

December 30th, 2013 by

Happy almost New Year! It’s that time of the year, where I like to think about winter sports. Unfortunately, the snow has come…and gone again, and not really bothered to come again yet. We’ll see. Anyway, a couple of years ago we went up to the San Gabriels to play around with some snowshoes. It was pretty. It was also the day after I had just gone up Baldy, so it was pretty lowkey.

start your engines….

Going for a walk