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WA and Olympic Peninsula, May 2011 – Part the Fourth, Seattle

July 6th, 2014 by

Planning for trips and the big party proceed apace. The tomatoes and cucumbers are growing in the heady summer sun. Watching fireworks was pleasant, if a bit interrupted by hyper 3 years olds, but that’s what you get with a family late night holiday. We’re flying out to Santa Cruz next weekend, and we have made an actual decision as to where we’re going for a few days after our wedding (ps. the catskills). So I guess this is all winning. But now! After spending out time in Olympic National Park, we headed back to Seattle and spent some time with friends before concluding our trip. Continuing from our backpacking trip, after we packed up and headed out, we started our drive back to the city…

bunnies getting some religion at Theo Chocolate



April 15th, 2005 by

Most of the winter dropped off the face of the earth.

Around Christmas time, I did manage to start going to the gym again, about 6x/week, but that got derailed about two weeks before my candidacy – still, I’m still seeing the benefits from that, and have been doing that again, but it will shortly be derailed by my soon-to-happen travels.

But I’ve gone hiking a few times, which is cool.

In December, I went up to the Bay Area with Jenny Hu, and we went on an ~4 mile hike in Muir Woods, with Leo and Ankur and Jenny’s friend Esther.

Echo Cliffs, Santa Monica NRA and Mt Disappointment, Angeles NF

couple of days

July 2nd, 2003 by

yesterday, went sailing again with jenny. dwight suggested she take out the new tech dinghy, so we got the shiny boat, that also handled a little funny. i also got a boathouse card. i *am* a winner. of course, i’m only rated to swim. but whatever.

yesterday and today were karate. smallish classes; a lot of people are out of town. no class on saturday, as the z center is closed for the holiday weekend. banks sensei is the only one of the senseis around, so class has a slightly different timbre. a good one. also ran a bit before class today (treadmill, didn’t feel quite up to braving the mid-afternoon sun). i’m in pisspoor running shape, will have to do more of that. did ~1.5 miles, in about 18 minutes. i would like to be able to get up to 3 miles or so, at least at a 12 minute mile, and work up speed from there.

thinking about technique

June 5th, 2003 by

wednesday. another half mile warmup run. then karate class. then swimming with miss hu (1000 yds).

karate, you know, class. i got some good chances to offer some commentary and help, and also time to work on my own stuff. comments matt made to me after last class about my kata for the tournament were really helpful and let me make a couple of big changes. apparently i would start with good focus on techniques, but as i would do them, my attention would drift to my techniques. so, when i went through the kata deliberately trying to avoid that, i had this amazing moment of “wow! i can see much less of my techniques!!”. this was kind of neat, as i totally hadn’t realized i was doing it, and this was nice affirmation that i was now doing it better.

we also practiced sparring again. i do actually seem to be getting better, at least better than when i started , a year and a half ago or so. we don’t really practice all that often normally, so this higher level of practice is good. dimitri punched very well at my arm though at one point, i have a giant dark bruise this morning to show for it. but i did very well, i beat both him and james. sparring with james (a yellow belt) was kind of interesting. he is quite good for his beginning level, all things being equal, but from my vaunted quasi-intermediate type level, i very much felt like i was much more aware of what was going on in our bout. not that i was necessarily in *control* of it, not the way the senseis can be, but i was actually in control of what i was doing, and responding fairly well to what he was doing, such that i actually responded to opportunities and scored well that way.

annabarr: Wounds &emdash; Bruise

Edited to add – and here is that bruise I received. Yeesh. In the karate club I go to now, we only spar with pads. That’s some bruise! (I think this is the same bruise) 11/23/2013


May 24th, 2003 by

i continue to be stupid lame.
i think too many social events and nasty weather are conspiring against me.

wednesday i did karate. and thursday i swam, which was a lot of fun, because it devolved into jenny hu and i acting like 7 year olds, and squirting each other with water and all sorts of fun. she also showed me how to do flipturns again, which was cool. i would guess i swam ~1000 yards. i know it was at least 800, and then i swam a bunch more but wasn’t keeping track.


May 20th, 2003 by

last thursday i went with the late night sailing crowd (jenny hu convinced me to go….) and got hit in the face with the boom as i was getting into the boat. “ouch”. fortunately, the bruise and the cut are healing up nicely….

friday i did in fact go to aikido before descending into the ethanol induced haze of the rest of the evening…

the aikido class was a lot of fun, it was much smaller, one brown belt, three blue belts, and me. we did a lot of stuff in rondori (sp?) style, which means one person in the center, and other people around them in a circle, taking turns at being the uke. for the first time, i feel like i finally got a grip on a couple of throws.

saturday i failed to go to karate, due to still having, um, “illness” problems from the night before, getting over them, and waking up like 10 minutes before class and deciding discretion was the better part of valor.

sunday walked out to esplanade and picnicked with everyone. i blew bubbles.

monday jenny hu started teaching me to juggle pins. i have always been hopeless at juggling, but i was getting up to being decent with two, although not quite up to multiple tosses. i will have to practice more! and then in the evening, karate and aikido. both fun, more or less normal. i guess in aikido we were doing a lot more ki type stuff. one of these involved basically pushing at the shoulder of someone and trying to move them (and them not trying to move). the black belt i was working with kept exhorting me to push harder, but i *was*, and she thought i was going easy on her or something. *blush* i feel weak; i should go work out or something. karate was about normal, good fun. susan born was there!

annabarr: Laura's Picnic - May 18, 2003 &emdash; people

Edited 11/22/2013 – People at the picnic! so many peoples.


April 30th, 2003 by

today was swimming. swim time was cut short due to getting back late
from ice cream, and having to meet with laura after, but i went with
jenny and had time for 650 meters. i played with the kickboards and
the leg immobilizer thing today. when i use the leg widget (such that
i can only use my arms) i go a lot faster. weird. using the shallow
pool is always a bit odd, somehow i never feel like i have to do as
much work to keep “on top” of the pool. also, i was entertained as i
left the pool thinking “damn, i didn’t have time to do anything” that
it was 26 lengths of the pool, and that was about where i topped out
in utter tiredness when i was swimming last summer. cool.