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Mt San Jacinto, Mt San Jacinto State Park – July 18, 2009

September 16th, 2011 by

This was just a great trip, modulo some minor car issues (that a year later would show themselves as a major issue, but I digress). Anyway! Jake was out in Pasadena for a conference, and he wanted to go hiking, so I suggested we go out to Mount San Jacinto, which is one of the three notable peaks of Southern California – this one completed the trifecta for me. The summit is at 10,834′, and has a really notable escarpment – however, we bypassed a bit of that by taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which takes us up about a linear mile. This turns the RT hike into “only” 11 miles, and 2450′ or so of elevation gain. I had never been up to the area before, and it was really quite awesome.

You can see pretty far away, and pretty far down, from the summit.

Hiking away

that’s a negatory, captain

May 14th, 2003 by

ok, so , monday , karate + aikido, went about as normal. jake participated in kumite (sparring) for the first time. i need to work a lot on that. i wonder if i should compete in kumite at the tournament though, or just stick to kata? hrm.

and then aikido. the first half of the class was as normal, then they had their testing. very different than our isshinryu ones. people are tested one at a time, first for ki, then for knowing things. then they have ukes come up to practice throws against, then they have a freestyle section. and you can cheer! i wish we could cheer at karate testings, that would be wicked fun.

muscle soreness from hiking was high, but has since decreased. but as of tuesday, my knee decided to eat the stick, and really hurts quite a lot. i was going to go swimming, but jenny hu punted on me due to hosage, so i punted due to lameness and pain. of course, i still biked all over cambridge. today no specific work. did sell raffle stuff for karate in lobby 10, which was fun in it’s own way. no karate today cause i went to the movies instead.

so i damn well better swim tomorrow, or i will have to kick my own ass…

green bathtubs (and mt. liberty)

May 11th, 2003 by

yesterday karate workout was keen. only me and dave and the three senseis, which meant they didn’t have to work on the ever-slightly-more-basic things they work on with the lower colored ranks. which of course meant it was bitch hard, but it was nice to get the attention. i mean, i love teaching, but still.

today , me and jake and benazeer went hiking. we were going to climb mt osceola, but jake being a bit or a doof, failed to check that the road that went TO the mountain was open yet, so instead we went back to my liberty. this is the same hike i attempted a while back. but today we made it to the top! 8 miles round trip, 3000+ feet of elevation gain to get to the summit of a 4459 ft mountain. some amazing views as well, which you only see right as you get to the top. the descent is pretty arduous though, and i was quite glad to get back to the car. there was still a lot of snow at 3500+’, which made for some “fun” once we got to nearer the top and especially the last .3 of a mile along the franconia ridge trail. the clouds rolled in about 5 minutes after we got to the top, so we only stayed at the summit for 15 minutes or so. and no one fell in to the brook this time.

annabarr: Mt. Liberty - May 11, 2003 &emdash; summit

Edited to add : here are the three of us on the summit! (11/23/2013)