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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003 by

swam today, but only 900 meters, as i started to get a fairly bad stitch in my side. i keep staring at bananas in la verde’s on swimming days, and then not getting them. eit. must increase potassium intake!!

also finally went to aikido again. a bit sad that i haven’t been able to go in more than a week, but that’s life i guess. it was a smaller class today, the first time i have been to one this small, and that was kind of cool in it’s own way. i should also be able to go tomorrow, but then monday they are having a belt test, and i can’t go this friday or next wednesday, so tuesday next week will be the only learning day next week. ah well. seeing the testing should be a lot of fun and a cool experience in itself, as i have never seen an aikido test before.

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