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Wednesday, April 30th, 2003 by

i spent a couple hours this morning messing with my bike. i took off the back wheel and really cleaned out the cogs and spacers, and attempted to flush the grit out of the cassette. i have a giant pet peeve of hating it when my bike makes noise. so, i did this, and i put it back together, and it runs a fair bit more smoothly, but the cassette is noisier than it was 😛 i think i don’t have the right kind of lubricant for it – one of the maintenance books suggests light motor oil, so i will see what i can find. alternatively, i could go to broadway or somewhere and ask them.

when i went out, i noticed my rear brakes were being loud, and realized i forgot to toe them, and i did that and it got a lot better. in fact, the grip on the back wheel is now >> the grip on the front wheel, so i should probably realign those pads as well.

karate today was fun. me jake and katherine were the only kyu ranks there, and they are both testing on saturday, so i got the brunt of the “friendly” commentary. but it was good. since i have finished with the technical requirements for my rank, i get some nice time to work on little dumb things. and banks sensei gave me some help with hook kick (which i love) and inside crescent kick (which i loathe). target practice always helps. although i accidentally kicked him in the chest. “oops”. we both started giggling. we get along pretty well.

no aikido; i had to babysit. ah well. at least i did bike to babysitting and back.

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