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San Gabriel River Bike Trail – May 8, 2010

Saturday, April 7th, 2012 by

In brief, Joe was like “dude, I have this new bike!” and I was like “let’s go ride bikes!” so we went out for a bit of a ride on the San Gabriel River Trail. Joe was still a bit new to riding bikes at this time, and I hadn’t ridden in a while, so it was all good. Of course, over the next few months Joe went all “hard core cyclist” as he is wont to do when he tries new things, but still 🙂 I think we probably did about 21-22 miles total.

Looking north up the bike route.

We started off reasonably far, but not all the way north, at Encanto Park in Duarte, and headed south. We had a lovely ride through the region north of the Santa Fe Dam, then through the recreational area of the dam, then across the dam, and then onto the freeway/river part. That section was definitely less nice, but honestly quite fascinating. There were trickles of water in the river / flood bed, and lots of very urban/industrial things to look at.

At some point, we decided that while we weren’t tired *yet*, it was probably reasonable to turn around. We “pulled off” the road for a bit at a park, had a snack, then headed back north.

My big success on the ride back was making it up the dam without stopping. It was my challenge, and I made it! Yay! Also, we got to see all the people parking for the Renaissance Faire which was taking place at that time at the recreation area, which was kind of hilarious, getting to watch the coordinated chaos from above. We stopped at the visitor’s center on the way back up, which was a nice couple minutes. We then road the trail all the way up to where it “ended” (though of course there is more riding up the 39), at which point we were in an area I recognized from geocaching 🙂 We then turned back to the road, and came back to where we had started from. 21-22 miles or so RT, so a nice 3 hours.

Heading on out to get to the trail.

The dam rising up in front of us

Outflow from the dam. Definitely no parking.

The “river” where by river I mean flood path.

Super industrial

The cacti were blooming up closer to the recreation area. Nice.

Field of flowers, with baldy visible in the background

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