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Jones Peak – December 31, 2008

Sunday, March 20th, 2011 by

On New Years Eve Day of 2008, Peter called up and asked if I wanted to go for a bit of a hike. I was amenable, and so out we went. We headed out towards Sierra Madre, and went up Jones Peak, a front range bit of a hill in the first set of foothills of the San Gabriels. This was ~6.6 mi hike, with 2200′ or so of gain.

some lovely leaves

Peter and Helen came and picked me up, those charmers. We drove out towards Sierra Madre, and after driving around for a bit, managed to find the park where the trailhead is. This is, clearly, a front range hike. We started walking through the park, which was very pleasant and grassy, and then cut out of the park and continued up a road , past where it ends (right next to a flood check dam), and then switched over to dirt trail.

beautiful muted views of the trees in the town beneath us

The trail was pretty standard issue, cutting back and forth along the bulk of the mountain, giving you alternate views of the city and the view up canyon and you switchbacked. There are a couple of ruins along the way, as is common in the Angeles, and we stopped and looked at them for a couple of minutes. There was also a hiking couple out with a very friendly pair of dogs, and we stopped and complimented them for a couple of minutes.

After all the winding back and forth, the trail turns into a set of pretty serious switchbacks as it decides to gain most of the elevation that it is going to gain along the way. Then the trail smooths out again, and comes to a saddle junction, where the main trail obviously continues off to the left to go up a ridgeline, and begins a traverse of several other peaks. However, we ducked off to the right and took a couple of short switchbacks up to the summit of Jones Peak, which is a short little hill in the front ranges.

can clearly see the view between burned and unburned on the slope in front

peter prepares to take a group shot

It did have some very nice views out, and had a flat top with a 360 degree view, which was pretty awesome. We could pretty clearly see the burn scar from the Sierra Madre fire from there, and also had good views of several of the other (cooler) mountains behind us.

On the way down we stopped to look at one of the set of foundation ruins that was by a creek, then just simply returned the way we had come.

taking a break at the ruin, a modern camera cowboy

ok, this plaque at the park where we started weirded me out a little

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