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Thanksgiving 2007 in Utah – Part 2/2 – leaving Zion, and Bryce

Sunday, June 7th, 2009 by

the skies were seriously nothing like this when I was young.

We did way less the last day, mostly involving driving and taking some pictures at some truly gorgeous places. But there were enough that I wanted to break it up a bit 🙂 These photos, by the way, look seriously better with some color management. So get on that.

We spent the night again in Zion, and on the morning of the 23rd, we packed up and drove out of the east entrance of Zion. You go through this crazy tunnel to head that way, and once you come out of the other side, the landscape is fairly different, though still just pretty unbelievably beautiful.

Pretty unreal, in my book, but there it is!

We then drove onwards to Bryce National Park. This particular park is very long and thin, although it is surrounded by other federal lands. There is one road that runs down the middle of it, and we basically just drove down this and stopped at a lot of the viewpoints. Let me tell you, this park is a couple thousand feet higher than Zion, and it is Not Warm in November. It was in the 20s or so, and I just didn’t feel up to more than snapping a few photos. But the viewpoints were really fabulous.

Hoodoos. Lots of them. View from Inspiration Point, 8100′

The limestone caps are what prevent the sandstone underneath from eroding, forming the structures

The Natural Bridge…as seen from the Natural Bridge Viewpoint. 8627′. brr, cold

here were so many *kinds* of red. Craziness

We’d originally been planning to go on out to Capitol Reef the next day, as I said, but Jenn wasn’t feeling super (she had taken a fall on the Angel’s Landing trail) and was also wanting to get back a bit earlier than planned, and I was amenable. It would have been nice to stay another day and see another park, but it was alright. So around sundown (plenty early that time of year) we packed up and headed on all the way back to Pasadena. A good trip, all in all.

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