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Two hikes from Fall 2007

Saturday, May 17th, 2008 by


Just a couple of quick hikes here.

September 29, 2007, Ben sent out and email and asked if anyone wanted to take a quick hike up the Arroyo Seco. A couple of weeks later, I went with Kip and Glenn to Switzer Campground and we continued a bit into Bear Canyon.

This was a nice bit of an upcanyon walk. The trail starts just at the end of the street that Ben lives on, which I hadn’t previously known. And in fact, I hadn’t ever walked up the Arroyo Seco at all before, which is kind of a shame. So this was, all in all, a fun thing to do.

don’t go over the limit!

This was a pretty straightforward walk up the canyon. It’s seen a lot of heavy human use, both historical and currently recreational. This is pretty clearly imprinted on the landscape, but despite that it’s still quite pleasant. There’s the bit of the stream, and the nice trees, and generally being outside. There are a bunch of campsites, and it’s mostly fireroad, but it was good anyway.

So, we went about 2-2.5 miles up canyon, and we stopped at the edge of the creek and snacked and chatted for a bit, and then turned around and went back the way we came. Nothing too monumental.

Then on October 14, 2007, I went with Kip and Glenn down into Switzer Campground and Bear Canyon. Just a nice walk. Start out going down canyon, stared in amusement at the various objects covered with camo netting, apparently there to facilitate some filming they’d been doing earlier that morning. Guess it didn’t look outside enough for them! This time we didn’t turn up to see the falls, and instead just went straight towards Bear Canyon instead.

We then walked a bit up Bear Canyon after the junction, probably a little bit further than where I’d gone before, but it was really really dry , and was thus difficult to compare to the prior trip I’d taken. But it was fun, and good conversation, and a very laid back day. Let’s call it around 4 miles total. I have no pictures from this, but some can be seen from my very similar prior time I did that

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