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Lake Tahoe – Feb 8-11, 2007

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 by

Jen took charge! And had a ski weekend up in Lake Tahoe from February 8 to 11, 2007. It was super fun, and she did a wonderful job. And I got to go snowshoeing for the first time ever!

go geoff

about the decor you’d expect

This was a pretty fun weekend. Joe and I drove up 395 in one long push to the northern part of Lake Tahoe (Agate Bay in particular), with just a bit of snow/slush starting to fall as we arrived. We got there, only to find that no one else was there yet!

Jen had rented a great cabin, but she had the key, so we just had to wait for her. Joe got out his rando skis and played around for a bit in the snow, and just as we were about to start breaking out the booze, Jen and Matt showed up. We all went in, and I think a few more people showed up that night, and it was really an awesome cabin, and then , since it was late, we basically sat around talking for awhile, then crashed and went to bed.

The next morning several of us went to Alpine Meadows to go skiing a bit. Joe and Jen were theoretically going to take a moguls class, but I hear the snow was super slushy, so they got to take a “how to deal with slushy snow class” instead. Kate wanted to go cross country skiing, but the best they could do for us was offer us telemark skis , so we decided to take those and take a telemark class. God, I sucked. I mean, I’m not a great downhill skier at the best of times (since I’ve only gone a few times) but I was even worse at this! Then Kate and I tried to actually do some cross country, and I just failed. So I gave up in dire shame while she went on, and I got myself a pair of downhill skis instead, and proceed to tear up the green slopes. Oh baby! You know it! I even did a blue, and I only fell on my ass once. Whee.

we’ll learn something all right

Hanging around in the cabin was also pretty fun. The place was super well stocked with Disney movies (as I imagine most of the renters have kids) we we ended up watching through a whole lot of those. It was somewhere between amusing and disturbing how many of us could sing along to whole tracts of these things. Geoff was really amused though at how the first few films of the animated “renaissance” (eg little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladdin) were actually rather clever and had a fair bit in them for adults to enjoy as well. “Gaston I’m afraid I’ve been thinking” “a dangerous habit…” “I know!” People also worked on puzzles, had snowball fights, built random things out of K’nex, ate a lot, and drank to amusement. Not all at the same time, I will admit. We also had some delicious dinners made and it was super fun. (Also on this second day, another bunch of people showed up. We ended up being 14 or 15 total, which was probably a bit much. 10-12 would have been a better total maximum).

it’s the beer lifter! yay engineers

The following day, we somehow or another (some of us) decided we wanted to go snowshoeing. So we found a place in town where we could rent some snowshoes, and proceeded to try and find somewhere we could actually use them. There wasn’t really all that much snow down by the lake itself, but it is (seemingly obviously?) in sort of a depression in the land, so we headed north, to higher climes. And we found snow. Oh boy, did we find snow. We sort of saw an area we thought we might have heard of having snow shoeing, and we saw a bunch of people carrying showshoes and skis, so we managed to find somewhere to park and we walked on over. First we’re just going up this random slope that is obviously a street in the less frozen times of the year (street signs and all). This section has snowmobiles (which I like a lot less now that I’ve been in close proximity to them), but very soon you get to a gate, which you go past, but there there is a turnoff for the snowmobiles, and the non-motorized users can head off in their own direction.

no, doesn’t seem to go through

And we just sort of walked off into the wilderness. It was beautiful. This was just north of Donner Pass known for the infamous Donner Party, amongst other things. Located in the Tahoe National Forest. And seriously, it was spectacular. There were actually a fair number of people out snowshoeing and cross country skiing, but not so many that it felt busy, or anything. Just that you would run into people occasionally. We saw a guy out with his huskies, and I could see how they were in their element. They are so well insulated that the snow doesn’t melt on their fur. They also have webbed toes! Well, sort of, but it was a neat adaptation to see. They definitely looked like they were having fun.

We probably walked for no more than a couple of miles, through a few feet of snow, out across this huge empty area (meadow) and further into the woods a little. I can hereby formally say that using snow as toilet paper, by the way, works really well and doesn’t suck at all, no matter what it sounds like. It really was that winter wonderland landscape, though I suppose it is made all the better knowing that you’ll be able to go back inside again to the warm and electrified…

walking along a snowy field

anyway, it was seriously beautiful and wonderful and amazing and I would do it again 🙂 Which is why I am planning to go snowshoeing in Sequoia January 2008!

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