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Disneyland May 29, 2012

Thursday, January 28th, 2016 by

Heh. California dreaming much? Though really, this Rochester winter is a bust so far. Of course, that means that I am jinxing it, right? Anyway, let’s wind up this time machine again, shall we? So….What can I say? I took the opportunity to take Nathan to Disneyland before we moved away from Southern California. Kip and Glenn were awesome and took us, and I would say that we had, you know, fun. As the kids say. Nowadays. Anyway, we went out for the day and hit both DCA and the Magic Kingdom. Let’s photo!

We started our day at DCA. We rode some rides! If I recall correctly (who knows, but could be) it was rather warm out. Which makes rides the right answer, yes? Anyway. We rode the big swings! We rode some other rides too. One of them was Goofy’s flight school, which we were “clever” about and went through the single riders line for. So we didn’t get to ride together, but I think we all got to ride a lot faster than we would have otherwise. What else did we do? Well, walked around, rode some rides, of which one of my favorites was California Soarin’, because…thats a big screen. And you’re really flying, or so it feels like, and…yeah.

See, my feet, and an angle, means I’m flying through the air!

Kip has truly an unreal ability to see the camera and pose for it. Always.

Nathan and I and a rafting bear! Because that’s totally what you would want in a raft with you.

We also wandered over to the area where, well, they swear they were building the Cars area, which of course was not done yet. But what would Disney be in today’s day and age without a ton of construction going on? We also went to the Tower of Terror, which I think mostly checked us out of DCA for the day.

See , I think it must have been rather warm because Glenn was *so disappointed* when the spray turned off right when he got there.

Ok, so one amusing thing on the construction walls was this sign at least. Los Feliz!

After ducking out of DCA, we went across the way over to the Magic Kingdom. (Ok, and it will never stop being a little weird that they built DCA…where the parking lot used to be. I still just have mental images of parking right in front of the Magic Kingdom and walking up to the ticket kiosks, which now sort of float in the plaza between the Magic Kingdom and DCA. I mean, it’s effective, but still, everything changes! Except, of course, for most of what I like in the Magic Kingdom. The only thing I have real memories of that just isn’t there anymore is the air tram to Fantasyland, but I think of it every time I walk past the building (…though checking online tells me that is due to be demolished soon.) But, you know, the big coasters, the teacups, that’s really all you need, you know?

Nathan and the rabbit in luuuuuuuuuurve

Really just posted for the facial expression, while taking a brief stop near the river.

…and the part where I mentioned the teacups? I do so love the teacups. The teacups make life better, in all ways. All of them. Even the terrible music. Possibly especially the terrible music. Anyway, we did some more rides, then had some supper, then caught the light show in the evening, then, tired and happy, headed home in the evening. As you do, right?

Working very hard on the teacups.

And relaxing and letting Nathan do all the work. Work, Nathan, work!

We totally won the teacup game!

Ok, finally…what the heck, Mickey? That just looks wrong. Sorry. “Who, me?”

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