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Big Sur – March 2012

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 by

We went up to Big Sur for Glenn’s birthday over March 9-11, 2012

Must get under the road somehow

Glenn wanted to go for a trip for his birthday, so he rented a great cabin in Big Sur. http://www.vrbo.com/311396 He found a great place to rent, and various people streamed north for the weekend. Nathan and I headed north on Friday. On the way north, we had a brief pause while they were filming a car commercial in the California coastal range mountains. We saw the car they were filming, and the chaser film car – turns out it was a Subaru BRZ ad. Those must be fun. We headed on, stopping for gas in Cambria, one of those little fancy towns. At that point, it was getting dark…just as we got to the PCH, alas. We somehow managed to continue on up the highway, twisting and turning every which way, and used the directions to turn first off onto the side road, and then even up the private road to the rented cabin, and finally made our way there. Yay! It was great to arrive.

Birthday boy

annabarr: Big Sur - March 2012 &emdash; studying-matt
lovely deck

The next morning we woke up, and were greeted by a troupe of turkeys walking through the hillside back yard. We sat around and had breakfast, and hung out, and generally enjoyed all of our company in the daylight, and awake. After a slow start on the morning, we all got ourselves together, and headed out for the day. We stopped in for a moment at this Big Sur Village General Store and Burrito Bar (…someone needed to get something, I guess, as I don’t really remember 😉 We then headed on down to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. We got in, and trekked the brief stint over from the parking lot, through the tunnel over the highway, to the point where we could get a view of McWay Falls, which really just is that beautiful. We kept walking along a brief bit in that direction, where there are the ruins of a house that would have had that amazing amazing view : http://www.pelicannetwork.net/bigsur.brown.burns.htm

McWay Falls

Walkway along coast

We headed back along the coast southwards for a bit, enjoying the amazing plants and overall view. We then headed to a different part of the park to take a quick walk among the redwoods – I think probably up the Ewoldsen trail, but am unsure. Either way, it was a lovely little creek walk, with ferns and trees and creek hopping and general pleasantry. After lunch out there, we headed towards the Big Sur Lodge in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (the names aren’t confusing *at all*). From there we headed, *I think* up the Pfeiffer Falls trail. There was some climbing, and some bridges, and steps, but eventually we came around a corner and saw a nice little other fall. It was nice! After which we wended(?) our way back to the beginning, and went to the store to get some ice cream, which is honestly always one of the high points of going out for the day, you know? After that we went back to the cabin and had great dinner, and played games, and overall had, well, an evening. With friends.

Two couples for the price of one! In the redwoods

Driving back along the coastline

The next morning we got up and did not much at all, to be honest. We got up, had some breakfast, lounged around, and packed up. After that we headed south a bit and went to Nepenthe for lunch, which was pretty cool. I’ve heard of it many times in the past, and even driven past a couple of times, but I’ve never made it there to eat before. It’s on the cliff overlooking the ocean (of course), so it’s all just beautiful views. We got there fairly early, so we didn’t really have to wait overly long. The food was pretty good, but not great I would say. The views made up for it though, and they actually have a really awesome gift shop (though I didn’t really end up buying anything). But! Food, views, chatting, social. Then we hung out some more in the parking lot, because we like hanging out! Eventually, alas, it was time to head out.

View from Nepenthe

I made a triptych!

So we headed south. The drive was pretty mellow, but we did stop a couple of times, first to just get some beautiful views over the ocean, where we also espied a couple of otters resting down in the kelp. The next stop was just around San Simeon, at Piedras Blancas, to check out all the elephant seals. It was nearing the end of the breeding season, so we saw a whole ton of the growing pups, and several mothers…and a couple of the dudes who were still hanging out, which is apparently unusual that late in the season. They ended up looking like something just completely different, which was *crazy*. They are so huge. We got to see a couple of them moving about, and basically being a giant muscled slug makes for some great galumphing along. They move in an almost earthworm like fashion, but…a whole heck of a lot bigger. It was awesome to watch, and we enjoyed that a bit until it was time to keep going, and make it home that evening.

Nathan and the ocean

Differently sized seals

On the beach. Flop!

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