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Joshua Tree – Christmas Day, December 2011

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by

How…did I not post this? Ok, so, we’re coming into the end of summer, work’s being all a thing, and hey, it’s time to get photos, blog, and everything in order, right? Right? Yeah, I buy it. So! I went looking for the next post, and I saw this title in the drafts, and realized it had never been posted so now it is horribly out of order, and I shudder with shame. Please absolve me. I realize that I likely didn’t write this up because, well, I have never had much written up for it. Long and short of it, I went out to JTree for a day, Christmas Day as a matter of fact, met up with some Caltech folk, climbed one rock, failed to climb another rock, and ate some Chinese food. All in all, an acceptable day I would say.

Joshua Tree just doesn’t look real, does it?

Dawn coming up over the windmills in the desert pass

Looking down at the campsite people had been at – we climbed right next to it to start

Rappelling is the funnest

Go Pratyush! Climbing the crack I did not succeed on

In some sideways motion

The Chinese restaurant was really committed to people knowing which restroom was which

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