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Mt Wanda, Gobbler’s Knob, I’ve made it to 2006!

Saturday, April 1st, 2006 by

Two short little outings.

Erin and I went up to Oakland for New Year’s 2006, and on Dec 31,
we and broxton went out to the John Muir NHS as part of that whole continuing trend of trying to hit up all the NPS sites. (I should get a formal count of how many I’ve been to…)

I also did a quick jaunt up a “hill” that counts as a “peak” if you are the hundred peak section of the Sierra Club. It was called “Gobbler’s Knob”. I chose it for that reason alone, I think you can all understand why.

annabarr: John Muir NHS - December 31, 2005 &emdash; dried-grasses

We set out, and even though the weather initially said it was going to rain, it was a gorgeous gorgeous day. We got to the site, which is right off the highway, and the ranger in the admissions let us all in on the strength of my parks pass, even though it was only supposed to let the holder in. whee! “we saved 6$”.

First we looked around the house, where John Muir lived for several years with his family. I really enjoyed it. It felt much more accessible than many “historic” houses I’ve been to. There were no guards warning you away from things. You could go right up and stare at the furnishings, and just wander around. A couple of rooms had barred entry, but it was just a little wooden gate, not one of those rooms where you can step 1 foot in, and be surrounded on 3 sides by a plexiglass partition.

Anyway, after looking around the house, we looked at the tiny remaining bit of what were orchards ages ago.

annabarr: John Muir NHS - December 31, 2005 &emdash; windmill

We then cut across the highway to go up Mt Wanda (ok, fine , not much of a mountain). It was a nice brisk little walk, if a bit muddy and damp.


~2 mile roundtrip. Starting at parking lot, going up the fire
road. Kept up on fire roads until we reached the “peak” of Mt
Wanda, which as a nice windsock and a less nice repeater
unit. It was vastly muddy and incredibly windy, but good fun
nonetheless. Came back on the same bit of fire road, until we
made a quick jog off the road and then went down the riparian
trail. This had a little lake and basically followed a creek
as it went downstream to the road. We saw some pretty cool
mushroom colonies growing. It was pretty damn slippery, but
we had a good time. The house at the main NHS site is also
pretty cool. Starts pretty low, so about 600′ elevation gain.
The peak of Mt Wanda is at 660′
annabarr: John Muir NHS - December 31, 2005 &emdash; the-view

annabarr: John Muir NHS - December 31, 2005 &emdash; summit

annabarr: John Muir NHS - December 31, 2005 &emdash; fungus-forest

Two weeks later, on January 14, I set out with some hardy souls to climb Gobbler’s Knob, because, well, that’s an awesome name. It’s basically just an uphill scramble. And the weather was miserable. But it was awesome regardless.

Gobbler’s Knob, Angeles HPS (#3 for me, #1 picked from the list)


1 mi total, 500′ gain. We’re in Peter’s subaru, and man, let
me tell you. We drive out, and then turn off this route onto
a random dirt road, which proceeds to get more rutted, icy and
generally unnerving the farther we go. But we did make it up,
although we had to get out for a bit. It was definitely brisk
and windy out, but we started gamely up the hill. And up and
up and up and up…. Amazing how far up 500′ is. Especially
in half a mile, with no trail. But we persevered, and made it
to the top. Where man, was it fucking windy. Across the
other side of the plateau, watching a giant storm roll in, we
found the sign in book in a canister in a pile of rocks, and
we signed in. Great fun. dan threw a pinecone straight up
in the air which then proceeded to go a good 50′ sideways
while coming down. We then hoofed it down the hill, not
wanting to have to hike in the coming storm, much less drive
in it. Brisk , fun, and a little bit stupid, but a worthwhile
field trip nonetheless. But man, I really should have brought
my hiking poles with me.

me, erin, peter, dan o’, and raviv

and that’s it until next time! (more catching up yet to do…)

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